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Adulting 101

A Glimpse Inside The Life of the Versatile Teddy Munyendo

Teddy Munyendo aka DJ Icon reveals secrets to his success as well as sharing his adulting wisdom.



Teddy Munyendo otherwise known as DJ Icon is doing the most being the CEO of Iconic Entertainment and Media. The ecstatic Teddy shares his adulting secrets and paints a clear picture of his versatility.

”(laughing) let’s do it bro… I’m all here”

Who is Teddy Munyendo?

I’m Teddy Munyendo and I’m passionate about journalism, multimedia, and the captivating world of music. With a keen eye for storytelling and a knack for creativity, I find myself drawn to the dynamic intersection of these fields.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

I am Ambitious, Determined and self-driven

Interesting, now you are otherwise known as DJ Icon, how did you get yourself into Deejaying?

I began my journey as a DJ at a young age, igniting a lifelong passion. This was fueled by my go-getter attitude. I’ve cultivated a unique blend of skills and experiences that drive me to pursue excellence in every endeavor. Not forgetting that I come from a family that is blessed with talents in music

What do you love about the world of music and deejaying in general?

Where do I start…..
Okay, Emotional Connection: Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and memories. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, or nostalgic. Deejaying allows individuals to curate playlists or mixes that resonate with their own emotions and those of their audience.

Creative Expression: Both music and deejaying offer avenues for creative expression. Musicians can compose melodies, write lyrics, and experiment with different sounds, while DJs can mix tracks, create mashups, and develop unique performances.

Still on this what inspires your creativity?

The ability to create mashups and mix the tracks and bring out a different touch of music within a specific genre.

What keeps you going?

I’m so optimistic about my future and I also have a Targeted future, I’m an all-in-one person, which means you have to be hardworking. I’m that one guy who has tried nearly everything so long as I see an opportunity and this comes with so much strictness; for you to be successful you have to be strict with your plans and objectives… So I move to where the money is because there is no day money will locate you, you have to locate it first… In short, being all in one means that I’m a broker, whatever you want I must be able to provide or have a link at whatever cost

Why do you believe that money will never locate you yet you have numerous skills?

First, Money was introduced to bring an end to laziness, nothing much… So it’s hard to own money and you aren’t working. God gave us these skills so that we can work hard and in unison towards a common goal: making money. You can have the skill but you ain’t on your toes, so the money won’t come to you because you have the skill… Remember your work has to be seen for you to get paid… So we work hard to locate money or else we’ll stay or die poor, and remember not everyone poor is not working hard, so we have to work beyond our limits

I can feel the personal touch. Now walk me through your journalism and multimedia journey, how did this get to be?

That’s a fantastic choice! Journalism and media indeed offer a lot of opportunities for creativity and critical thinking. In these fields, you have the chance to explore various topics, tell stories, uncover truths, and engage with diverse audiences. Your creativity can shine through in how you frame stories, select angles, craft headlines, and present information in compelling ways. Keep honing your skills and exploring new ideas, and you’ll find that journalism and media can be incredibly rewarding paths for your creative mind.

You are a versatile person, could you list some of the skills and explain how you got to acquire the skills?

I have diverse skill sets in videography, photojournalism, editing, radio and TV hosting, reporting, and more will undoubtedly serve you well in the field of journalism and media.
Training at Zetech University and through personal training has provided me with a solid foundation, but remember that learning is an ongoing process; I’m still gaining skills

How do you practice and balance all these skills?

I have a group of individuals who help me run the activities. You know you cannot always do it alone. So I take a job at a time and with that, I keep on practicing diverse skills. But remember in multimedia we have different stages, we have pre and post-production. Passing through all these stages helps me practice and sharpen all my skills because they are all included in these stages

What is adulting to you?

Adulting is the journey of becoming self-sufficient, accountable, and capable of handling the demands of adult life.

As a young person, how would you describe the situation of the youth in the country?

For me as much as there’s no employment, on the other hand, there’s something for everyone, it just depends on your level of aggressiveness and hard work, remember also good work matters.

On the same note, how do you think young people can make ends meet?

Networking is the most important thing in making ends meet. Just know someone who knows someone, and then you’re good to go. But remember that knowing someone and you haven’t perfected your skill is a whole mess. Know someone and make sure you’re working hard to prove you can do it

How does one get the skill yet we are competing for Platform?

Any chance you get to learn, learn and acquire a skill then the platform will come

What’s your take on how young people are living?

We are living in tough times, where no one cares about another. Young people are affected by peer pressure, and greed to gain wealth without working hard, so they stop working hard and want to get riches through gambling, scamming or even robbing and it makes things even worse.

What is your secret to success?

There is not much, pray, work smart, know people and stay calm.

One thing we don’t know about Teddy?

Teddy is a cool and God-fearing guy who is interested in anything to do with creativity.

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Adulting 101

What do you do with your EX’s belongings?



Breaking up is never easy, especially when it comes to dealing with the remnants of a past relationship. Those items your ex left behind can evoke a mix of emotions—nostalgia, anger, and even confusion. You either want to kick and burn the things they left behind or snuggle and hold onto them for dear life. But fear not! Vibeyetu has just what to do with those things. From donating clothes and shoes to children’s homes to turning hated items into cleaning rags, we’ve got you covered.

1. Donate with Compassion

The Cold Season and Children’s Homes

As the chilly winds and rain overrun Nairobi, consider donating gently used clothing and shoes to children’s homes. These institutions often struggle to provide warm clothing for the kids in their care. Your ex’s old sweater or those sneakers they left behind could make a world of difference to a child shivering in the cold. Your ex might have been an awful person, but at least now that kid is warm. Everything happens for a reason, no??

Why Give Back?

Remember, giving is about more than just the physical item. It’s an act of kindness, a way to spread warmth and love. So, let go of any bitterness and focus on the positive impact your donation can have. Plus, it’s a chance to declutter your space and your heart simultaneously, creating space for the better items your next will leave.

If you have no place in mind, visit Kibra Youth Boxing Initiative (, or drop them off at Colloseum Gymnasium at Adams Arcade to touch a heart and spread warmth.

2. The Cleaning Rag Option

Transforming Hated Items

Now, let’s get a little cheeky. Do you remember that one t-shirt that you hated but for some reason they loved? Yes, you read that right. That old T-shirt they wore everywhere? Perfect for dusting, your shoes have never looked cleaner. The quirky mug they couldn’t stand? Great for wiping down surfaces. It’s like a therapeutic cleansing—both for your home and your soul.

In an interview with UKEwebcast, opinions varied:

  • Absolutely Not: Some staunchly refused to take anything back, emphasizing that gifts should remain gifts, you know a sentiment of that time?
  • Depends on Impact: Others considered the impact on the recipient. If the gift would significantly affect their life, they’d keep it.
  • Sell It: Selling the item was a popular choice. After all, why not turn a painful memory into cash? Consider it heartbreak payment?

Whether you choose to donate or repurpose, remember that these items are more than just objects—they carry memories. So, embrace the warmth of giving, laugh about the cleaning rag option, and let go with grace.

Check out More from the UkeWebcast interview on

Note: No exes were harmed in the making of this article. 😄

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Adulting 101

Navigating the Tides of Young Motherhood



Young motherhood stands as a testament to resilience, hope, and transformation. Drawing insights from the poignant journey of Muriuki Kiae and responses from young mothers across the nation, this article delves into the heart of early parenthood, exploring the challenges, triumphs, and profound growth that come with being a young mother.

For many young mothers like Muriuki Kiae, the journey begins in solitude. The expected support from extended families and communities, once a staple in the Kenyan fabric, has dwindled, leaving many to navigate this path alone. Muriuki recalls, “When I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to breastfeed exclusively for six months. I was unprepared for the complexities that lay ahead.” The absence of a nurturing presence, such as a mother or aunt, exacerbates the challenge, making the support system a crucial pillar for young mothers.

Balancing Roles and Facing Challenges

The dance between motherhood and personal growth is a delicate one. Young mothers often find themselves juggling educational commitments, burgeoning careers, and their evolving social circles. The transition into motherhood can significantly alter relationships and social dynamics, bringing a new set of emotional and mental challenges. As Muriuki poignantly shares, “My baby would cry, and I would cry. We were both navigating a world we were unprepared for, compounded by the isolation and the silence around young motherhood.”

 Emotional Resilience and Mental Health

The emotional landscape of young motherhood is rich with complexity. Feelings of joy are often intertwined with anxiety, stress, and, as in Muriuki’s experience, the shadow of postpartum depression. “I didn’t know postpartum depression,” Muriuki confesses. “I wish I had this information at my fingertips.” Coping mechanisms become lifelines, with many young mothers turning to community support, counseling, and finding solace in shared experiences.

Lessons, Growth, and Reflections : Photo courtesy

Despite the myriad challenges, young motherhood is also a journey of profound learning and growth. It teaches resilience, the art of balance, and the power of seeking and offering support. Muriuki’s advice to young mothers resonates with wisdom, “A healthy mom calls for a healthy baby. A mom has to be in her right mental space to be able to breastfeed and nurture.” The importance of building a support system, both within the family and the community, becomes clear, highlighting the role of partners, friends, and community members in supporting young mothers.

Young mothers are not just nurturing the next generation; they are shaping the future of their communities. Their aspirations for their children and themselves are steeped in hopes of education, well-being, and a society that embraces and supports young mothers. The journey of young motherhood, with all its trials and triumphs, is a message of empowerment. It speaks to the strength of women who, like Muriuki Kiae, navigate the complexities of early parenthood with courage, transforming challenges into stepping stones for growth and change. In the words of Muriuki, a beacon of resilience and hope, “Understand that when your child is breastfeeding, they’re not just feeding; they’re connecting. And in that connection lies the strength to overcome, to grow, and to thrive.”

Young motherhood in Kenya is a journey marked by courage, resilience, and transformation. As society continues to evolve, the collective narrative of these mothers serves as a powerful testament to the importance of support, understanding, and empowerment in shaping a future where every mother and child can thrive.

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Adulting 101

Adulting Weekend: Sherehe and Rest this Easter.



Adulting is truly a second job. It’s like every day is another round in the ring with responsibilities, bills, that ever-present need to sustain a hustle to keep everything afloat and school. So, I’m here wondering, is it just me who’s constantly tired lately?

But hey, the “Adulting Weekend” or as the Christians would prefer to call it; Easter, is just around the corner, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. From Good Friday on March 29th, which is a public holiday, Easter Sunday on March 31st, observed as an observance day and Easter Monday on April 1st, also a public holiday. A time traditionally marked by its spiritual significance and the promise of renewal offers a much-needed break from the relentless pace of adult life. A sort of renewal on its own.

And you know how Kenyans do it whether it’s Easter or not, give us a reason to celebrate, and we’ll turn it into a party. But, as we dive into the Easter sherehe, from the get-togethers to the sacred moments, let’s not forget to hit the pause button. It’s important to take a breather and rejuvenate. To unplug from the daily and truly rest. As we gear up for the lively and go-getter April, this Easter break is the perfect time – a chance to relax, refresh and recharge.

Imagine this Easter as your pit stop in the race of adulting. A time to cool down, refill your tank, and get ready to zoom off when April comes.

Take that long nap without feeling guilty, spend quality time with family and friends without peeking at emails, and allow your mind to wander off script every now and then. These small moments of rest are not just acts of self-care; they’re essential for keeping our inner fires burning.

To all of us navigating this crazy dance of adulting while looking forward to the Easter festivities, let’s make a pact to rest and rejuvenate. It’s in these moments of pause that we find the strength to keep pushing forward. Here’s to a chill Easter and a fired-up Aries Season.

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