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Are men allowed to cry?

We sit down with brilliant young minds to discuss this. Hats off to their courage!



Mental youth among us, the youth is equally of the essence. Sadly, young male youths are brought up in a society where their tears should never see the light of day. However, it is important to remember that above all the bars we have set for men, at the end of the day, they are human beings and as such, subject to emotions.

Our host, Mbeke Wambua had an interesting conversation with similar brilliant young minds and they indeed had a lot to say.

A Chat With

A Chat with Cakes by Ray CEO and Founder Racheal Thande



The Baking Engineer: Racheal Thande has a moment to talk about her sweet treats; and successfully running her cake store: Cakes by Ray.

Who is Rachel Thande?

Rachael is a God-fearing 24-year-old, daughter to Mr.&Mrs. Thande, a sibling to Elsie and Newton. I am a student pursuing Electrical Engineering and Business Management and to add spice to it; Racheal is the C.E.O of Cakes by Ray. I call myself the Baking Engineer. In my other life, I am a fancied friend, a member of the sanity community and a Rotaracter.

  1. Where was the company Cakes by Ray birth from?

Cakes by Ray was birthed from Newton’s Cakes House Ltd. This is my mother’s company located in Kikuyu. The company deals with the commercial production and sale of cakes, cookies and sweet mandazi

  1. When did you kickstart your business?

My business began in 2021 the month of August. When people were recovering from the Covid crisis, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life apart from school.

  1. What inspired you to start Cakes by Ray?

The urge to be an independent woman has always been my # 1 motivation. The biggest lesson my parents always teach me is not to be dependent on anyone else apart from them. I wanted to start a side hustle while I was still in school to cater for my upkeep. Once in a while, I had other options but baking just fit right cause these are skills I got first-hand and decided to put them into use.

Racheal Thande

” Cakes by Ray is made of love, happiness and passion…”

  1.  Tell us about your baking background and experience.

My baking background and experience wow… My mum is among the prestigious bakers in Kikuyu town at the moment. She began her business in 2012. At this time I was still in primary school so what would happen; I would always be at her shop when we closed for the holidays. I honestly had no break during the holidays. At that time it never made sense to me. Often I would ask why my mum was bounding me to her business and not letting me enjoy my teenage life like the rest. I began as a salesperson and slowly she began to teach me how to bake her products. We used to have so many rejects by then. I would either set the wrong temperature causing the cakes to burn or forget to put baking powder and we would do ugali instead.

So after learning baking she now taught me how to do decor and art on cakes. This was a whole other journey but I am grateful for her patience with me. With time I was the one inducting and training her employees (This was in high school). To date, that’s what I do when I’m on break from school.

  1. What sets your baked goods apart from others?

My secret recipe is spice and love. I am in a committed relationship with my flour,
sugar and butter

Cakes by Ray

 How do you source your ingredients?

I source my ingredients from shops in the city and Kikuyu town that is cake shops and wholesales. I will either buy my materials in bulk or as per order depending on the cash flow. It’s pretty much easier buying raw materials in bulk. It saves a few coins.

  1. Give us perspective on the Kenyan baking industry, how is it?

The Kenyan baking industry is quite competitive honestly. Almost every young lady is doing this. Getting your own market is a lot cause people out here have
skills. The question is what do I bring to the table? They come to me with a cake inspo and ask if I can deliver. This is what builds our market. You deliver the cake as per the client’s request and once you nail that, the market has just expanded.

”It’s an industry I never regret getting into”

As a young person, how is it being a CEO and running your own business?

It’s the best experience ever. It takes determination, a whole load of patience and consistency. I wouldn’t say it’s been easy neither would I say it’s been tough. It is a whole journey, it evolves: a learning process

  1. Walk us through your normal day as a baker.

Since 2021 I have been in a sport. Honestly, this is a whole sport on its own. My life has never been at a stop cause I am always on the go. If I am not in school then I am at work. If I’m not in either of those I serve in church and the community. How I balance all this, honestly, is something I have never understood. My best answer would be once God opens that door for you and gives you an opportunity He will always provide on how to handle it.

  1. What are some of your signature or most popular baked items?

My clients love themselves a bit of Bubblegum Cake, Pinacolada, Lemon mint and
Chocolate mint. Cupcakes were my signature products but my market grew. Now I do cakes from 1kg onwards and as time goes I will get to introduce something new

courtesy of cakes by Ray
  1. How do you stay creative and come up with new recipes?

Have y’all heard of Pinterest… this is the best app I have used in a long while. This gets me to be creative and innovative all the time . It’s the go-to-app before I do decor on a cake, it helps me get an idea of what a client might like on the cake too. I’d prefer Pinterest to YouTube

  1. How do you manage your team and company as the CEO?

I create a connection with my people. Once you have a solid relationship with your team. They are more than ready to be productive cause these are the people who have built this
business..they have made this company to be seen out there.

  1. How do you balance running a business with other aspects of your life, such as school or personal interests?

Since 2021 I have been in a sport. Honestly, this is a whole sport on its own. My life has never been at a stop cause I am always on the go. If I am not in school then I am at work. If I’m not in either of those I serve in church and the community. How I balance all this, honestly, is something I have never understood. My best answer would be once God
opens that door for you and gives you an opportunity He will always provide on how to handle it

Have you faced any stereotypes or biases as a young female entrepreneur, and if so, how have you addressed them?

As a young entrepreneur not really but as a lady in engineering, I get it all the time. What made people think that ladies can’t wear and overall, hold pliers and get to work ? We are here for an end goal and that’s building our future. In this times , we have ladies who are not afraid to put all their effort and skills out there. I am one of them. I am proud of each and every lady trying to make a living and future for themselves

The Baking Engineer
  1. How do you handle trolls and negativity Racheal?

Racheal handles no negative attitude. I do not tolerate this energy. However, it’s
something I get once in a while. Not everyone is a supporter of my achievements. What guides me is love and passion for what I do and getting to understand that what I am doing is for me and not anyone else. I get to choose whether I will brush off the negativity or have that energy in me and I definitely tell myself to wake up and try again

  1. A major highlight in your business?

Wow!! This needs a minute…I have always wanted to give back to the society. I’m always on my knees telling God to thank you for how far this business has come because through this business I have learned to give. Second, I have learned to support and share. There’s so much I’d say about business highlights but this has to be a partnership in charity events. My highlight is seeing the smile on
the beautiful faces of those we go to love and give to.

  1. What keeps you going?

Prayer, determination and patience.

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A Chat With

Brian Wekesa Takes Kenyan Hoops To The Big Screen With The Dubbed Film ”Jay”

JAY is a short film about a young ambitious basketball player from the local slums determined to turn his passion for the game into a professional career.



Every cloud has a silver lining as they say. This is the narrative of Brian Wekesa, the brains behind the Hoops and the Talent. Brian, in December last year pulled off a successful premiere of JAY in the county of Bungoma after tarrying to get it all together. The busy cinematographer had a moment to share his ” JAY ”experience

”I wrote the JAY script back in April 2020 with hope that one day I might be able to fund the production of the film but unfortunately I never did!”

Who is Brian Wekesa?

Brian Wekesa is a passionate filmmaker, photographer and motion graphics designer born and raised in Bungoma, Kenya but currently residing in Eldoret. He’s also a final year Media student at Moi University School of Information Science pursuing a Bachelor in Media Science.

How did you diverge yourself into filmmaking and photography art?

I have always had a burning desire to express myself through art. Growing up, I was fascinated by pictures and art. I picked up a deep interest in both photography and filmmaking during my second year on campus after being involved in the making of a class project film. My interest in the photography field is also related to my upbringing since my dad and two of my uncles were photographers hence it’s in my family. One of my uncles still does photography to date and he serves as an inspiration to me.

In a nutshell, what is Jay is all about?

JAY is a short film about a young ambitious basketball player from the local slums determined to turn his passion for the game into a professional career. Along the way, he gets tangled in drug abuse and peddling. This ends up ruining his only chance to play on the National team. Jay is a reflection of the society. It showcases what many young people go through in our generation; especially those in the sports sector or those trying to develop a career out of their talent.

What was the inspiration behind the writing of Jay?

I wrote the script because I felt the need to portray the struggles to the world. It gives an understanding of the youth situation in Kenya and the continent.

Brian Wekesa-Producer and Writer of JAY

How did you source the casts? Take me through the process.

An audition process was done. We conducted two thorough auditions and were able to get the cast we needed. However, the lead role (Jay) was a great challenge as we needed a guy who is a good actor and can play basketball as well.

Why did you take up the role as a producer?

JAY is my project hence I wanted to oversee its production. I didn’t want to take any chances of delegating the entire production to someone who did not understand what the project meant to me. I wanted to give it all the necessary attention it needed.

How did you end up working with the Kenya Film Commission?

The Kenya Film Commission is a body that was created by the national government. Its sole purpose is not only to promote the film industry in the country but also to support and nurture talent. I got to work with the commission after winning a grant under their third Film Empowerment Cycle. This is among their initiatives that are meant to support creatives in the filmmaking industry. The initiative has been in place since 2020 and happens annually. Application calls are always posted on their official social media pages.

Any advice to an aspiring filmmaker?

Any aspiring filmmaker out there needs to start creating films from whatever resources they have at the moment. They should not wait for opportunities to knock or blame the lack of resources to create. Start from where you are . The universe will adjust and make a path for you. A rolling stone gathers no mass.

What would you tell Brian Wekesa?

To keep creating; more stories need to be told. This is just the beginning of a vibrant filmmaking career.

”It is a rare combination of talents,” is how Brian perceives the lead role in Jay as the requirement was strong acting skills as well as proficiency in basketball. Brian shares strongly that JAY is his film and as he put it ”child project” going ahead to take charge in ensuring its success. JAY is yet to be distributed online due to pending planned screenings.


To be Continued…..

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A Conversation with Daina Mwaura the Model.

Daina Mwaura, a Commercial Model who is destined to escalate the fashion industry ranks.



Who is Daina Mwaura? Daina is a mother, musician, model, and medical student in theatre technology.

Who is a commercial model? Any model who has a motive to sell or promote a product

How did you get to modeling? This came up after I gave birth I was afraid of how my shape would change and this made me have low self-esteem but I one day told myself that I’m beautiful and this is how I ended up modeling.

Clothes were not fitting me well and this was so embarrassing plus I never knew how to walk in heels but I never gave up until I knew how to walk in them and I learnt how to love myself the way I am and to be contented.

My surroundings and what I went through the moment I became a mom…I wanted to embrace and feel myself but I never knew how…seeing people modeling, I tried to give it a try and I realized that yes this is what I wanted, to feel free: to care less about people’s opinions and be in my little precious world

”I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me…that can bring out any crazy idea”

Daina Mwaura- Courtesy of mashaarts_creations

The inspiration behind creations and dressings? The fashion itself. I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me that can bring out any crazy ideas. So anything creative that brings out fashion I go with it

Who is your stylist if none how would you describe your style? Non-free distraction and creative in simple terms. It takes fashion itself to style any dress code so anything creative that brings out fashion I go with it

Which model(s) do you look up to? Ajuma Nasenyana, Lupita Nyong’o, and Letitia Herod

How do you balance being a mum and working? It’s all about planning and time management. At the moment, my photographer is coming to do the shoot at my place so it easier

What do you love about your job? It’s about hard work and self-gaining in terms of the confidence.

What challenges do you face? Some clients give some instructions that are too far gone.

What keeps you going? My love for fashion.

Courtesy of mashaarts_creations

Who is your audience and how do you promote products? Anyone who loves fashion and their skin…I promote anything that looks good on anyone, may it be rings, clothes, shoes, earrings, etc.

Where do you source your outfits? I make them myself. I make anything out of nowhere and if it makes sense to me I go with it.

Talk to me about the perception of the ”ideal” body image. Anyone can be a model the only thing that matters is which kind of model are you eg: a commercial model doesn’t have a certain expectation like height and all that.

What are your thoughts on the Kenyan fashion industry? Kenyan fashion is on another level…I just love it. The vibrant colors in our dressing, the beadwork, and our locally made fabric.

What’s your favorite look? Something cool but classy.The vibrant colors in our dressing, the beadwork, and our locally made fabric.

Your insights on fashion among young people? Fashion is preached among young people and this is nice.

Do you do local fabric? Of course. I source them from Nairobi around commercial and they do have beadwork accessories for fabric. They are pocket-friendly prices ranging from 50-2000 bob.

Any memorable fashion experience? I love every one of my fashion experiences because I do my shoots like a new model or rather like someone who’s never done it before.

One thing you love about yourself.? I always have an urge to try new things despite negative comments.

Any words for an upcoming model? It doesn’t matter how old you are or your looks. We are all different and beautiful and unique in our own way; so get out and show your uniqueness. Don’t give up!

Send a message to yourself. Dear Daina, you are the greatest and you can do this.

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