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Disney+ to Release the Much Anticipated BTS Docu-series in December



Global sensation BTS has joined forces with Disney+ to present a captivating docu-series, ‘BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.’

Spanning eight episodes, this fly-on-the-wall style series promises an immersive journey through the band’s remarkable 10-year career, offering insights into both their triumphs and challenges.

The series delves into the South Korean septet’s history, tracing their roots and capturing highly personal moments that have shaped their extraordinary journey. Viewers can anticipate never-before-seen interviews, mesmerizing performances, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses. From their initial meeting to navigating the complexities of contract renewals and the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS lays bare their emotions and experiences.

Set to premiere on December 20 on Disney+, the docu-series will kick off with the release of the first two episodes, followed by a weekly unveiling of two new episodes every Wednesday. Fans are eagerly anticipating this intimate portrayal of the band’s evolution, promising a deeper understanding of their individual stories and the unbreakable bond that unites Jung Jook, RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jimin.

Amidst their hiatus, individual members have embarked on solo projects, with Jung Kook recently dropping his debut solo album, ‘Golden,’ on November 3. Expressing his anticipation for the future, Jung Kook teased that the “synergy of BTS in 2025” will be nothing short of incredible.


When Was The Last Time You Cried?



In a world where everything is moving so fast, there’s something incredibly liberating about letting ourselves cry. Creating time to take deep breaths and cry. It doesn’t have to be a wail or a scream, just a sigh that lets you breathe. It’s a powerful and natural expression of our emotions that plays a crucial role in our mental and emotional well-being. So, grab a tissue, cosy up, and let’s explore why it’s important to embrace those tears.

Someone said to me; that when you do not cry, other parts of you weep. And I thought about it a lot. When we stifle our tears and suppress our feelings, they don’t simply disappear; instead, they seep into the depths of our being, creating a reservoir of unexpressed pain and sorrow. This silent cry of the soul manifests itself in various ways, often without us even realizing it.

One of the most common consequences of suppressing our emotions is seeking solace in alcohol and drugs. Unable to cope with the weight of our unshed tears, we turn to temporary distractions to numb the pain and dull the ache. What starts as a means of escape can quickly spiral into a cycle of addiction and self-destruction, as we desperately try to silence the silent cries within us. Because why do you have to drink so much?

The refusal to acknowledge and process our emotions can lead to chronic frustration and discontentment. Like a pressure cooker without a release valve, our unexpressed feelings simmer beneath the surface, waiting for an opportunity to erupt. This simmering frustration can manifest as irritability, mood swings, and outbursts of anger, leaving us feeling emotionally drained and disconnected from ourselves and others. You know when someone does something and you get so irrevocably mad you can’t even explain why you got so mad in the first place? Chances are you haven’t cried in a while.

So, why is it important to let those tears flow anyway? Because crying is not a sign of weakness; it’s a courageous act of self-care and self-expression. When we allow ourselves to cry, we create a pathway for healing and transformation, releasing the pent-up emotions that weigh us down and allowing light to enter the darkest corners of our souls.

By embracing vulnerability and embracing our tears and that it is okay that sometimes things are not okay, we open ourselves up to the possibility of true healing and wholeness. Instead of seeing crying as a sign of weakness, we can reframe it as an act of courage and strength, a willingness to confront our deepest fears and vulnerabilities head-on.

In the end, remember this: when you don’t cry, other parts of you will weep. So, let yourself be vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel deeply and express your emotions freely, knowing that in doing so, you are honouring the truth of who you are and paving the way for a life filled with authenticity, connection, and joy. After all, as the poet Rumi once said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Find out what Becca and her friends think on Men Crying,

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Pregaming for Sherehe: Ultimate Guide to Start Your Night Right



Pregaming done right is how you guarantee that’s going to be a good time. And no, pregaming isn’t just about the shots, there’s so much more you should be doing to ensure that you and your friends have an amazing time. Whether you’re a seasoned night owl or a first-timer looking to make the most out of your night, this guide’s got you covered. Sit tight as we dive into the art of pregaming done right!

Pregaming has its perks. It’s a chance to catch up with friends, save some cash by drinking at home, and create a game plan for the night. Plus, starting the party early means you’re already on a high note when you step out the door. And considering we Kenyans weren’t taught polite drinking, how do you ensure you’re not only surviving but thriving through the night? Let’s dig into the ultimate pregame plan;


Before you dive into the night, let’s talk strategy—food strategy. With Kenyan parties known for their spirited drinking (because who knows what light drinking is, right?), lining your stomach is not just wise; it’s essential.

– Carbs are Your Best Friends: Think chapati, ugali, or your favorite pasta dish. These carbs are not just tasty; they’re your alcohol-absorbing superheroes, providing a slow-release energy source that keeps you going.

– Protein Packs a Punch: Grilled chicken, nyama choma, or lentil dishes are not only mouthwatering but also help slow the absorption of alcohol, keeping you in that happy buzz zone longer.

– Fruits and Veggies for the Win: Don’t underestimate the power of some good ol’ fruits and veggies. Avocados, bananas, and oranges are packed with potassium and vital nutrients to help keep those hangovers at bay.

– Hydration Heroes: Between bites, don’t forget to sip on some water or throw in coconut water to keep hydrated. It’s the secret weapon every Kenyan partygoer needs.

The Playlist to End All Playlists

With your foundation solidly laid, it’s time to dial up the vibes with a playlist that screams “sherehe ready”.

– Afrobeat to Start the Beat: Kick off with some Fela Kuti or Burna Boy to ease into the night with rhythms that resonate with the soul.

– Gengetone Grooves: No Kenyan pregame is complete without a dose of Gengetone. It’s raw, it’s real, and it gets everyone hyped.

– Bongo Flava for the Flavor: Add some Tanzanian love into the mix with hits from Diamond Platnumz or AliKiba, perfect for when the night starts to feel magical.

– Reggae to Mellow Out: As you edge closer to heading out, let some Bob Marley or Chronixx mellow the mood, ensuring everyone’s feeling irie and in tune.

Pre-Sherehe Games to Get the Party Started

Now, what’s a pregame without games? It’s the laughter, the camaraderie, and sometimes, the ridiculous competitiveness that sets the tone for an epic night.

– Kings: With a deck of cards and drinks at the ready, navigate the rules of Kings, where every draw brings a new challenge or a hearty laugh.

– Never Have I Ever: Perfect for uncovering secrets or just getting to know your friends on a whole new level, this game is a surefire way to spice things up.

– Beer Pong: It’s not just a game; it’s a pre-sherehe sport. Aim, throw, and let the friendly rivalry fuel the pregame excitement.

As the laughter echoes and the playlist winds down, you’re not just ready kupiga sherehe; you’re set to make the night legendary. With your belly full, your spirits high, and the bond with your crew stronger than ever, the night is yours to conquer. So, eat well, play hard, and let the music guide you to an unforgettable experience.


1. What’s the best food to eat if you’re planning a night of heavy drinking? Carbs and proteins are your go-to. Think chapati, ugali, grilled chicken, or nyama choma.

2. Can water help you drink more? Yes! Staying hydrated helps mitigate hangover symptoms and can help you maintain a good balance throughout the night.

3. How do I make a playlist that everyone will enjoy? Mix it up with genres that resonate with your crowd. Afrobeat, Gengetone, Bongo Flava, and some Reggae can create a vibrant mix that keeps the energy up.

4. What are some simple pre-sherehe games? Kings, Never Have I Ever, and Beer Pong are classics that are easy to set up and guaranteed to entertain.

5. How do you ensure you don’t overdo it during the pregame? Eat well, stay hydrated, and pace yourself with the games. It’s all about enjoying the moment and making memories.

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Morgan Heritage Announce The Passing Of Their Lead Singer, Peter Morgan



On February 25th, the music world was saddened by the news of the passing of Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan, the beloved lead singer of Morgan Heritage, the Grammy Award-winning Reggae band.

The Morgan family, renowned for their contributions to Jamaican music, took to social media to share the heartbreaking announcement, although they did not disclose the cause of Peetah’s untimely departure.

In a heartfelt statement posted on Instagram, the Morgan family expressed their profound grief and shared words of gratitude for the outpouring of love and support they had already received. “It is out of sincere love that we share that our beloved husband, father, son, and brother, and lead singer of Morgan Heritage, Peter Anthony Morgan, has ascended today,” the statement read. “Jah come and save from ourselves because love is the only way.”

As the family navigates through this period of mourning, they have requested privacy and continued prayers from their fans and supporters.

Morgan Heritage, known for their iconic hits such as “Don’t Haffi Dread (To Be Rasta),” “Down by the River,” “Tell Me How Come,” and “She’s Still Loving Me,” has left an indelible mark on the world of music with their unique blend of Reggae sounds.

Peetah’s passing comes as a profound loss to not only his family but also to the global music community. Condolence messages and tribute posts have flooded social media platforms, with fans, fellow artists, and admirers expressing their sorrow and paying homage to his talent and contributions.

The Morgan family has faced adversity before, having mourned the loss of their patriarch and veteran Reggae singer, Denroy Morgan, in 2022. Denroy, who fathered 30 children, left behind a lasting legacy in the music industry, which his children, including Peetah, have continued to honor and uphold.

Morgan Heritage’s most recent project, “The Homeland,” released in April 2023, showcased their commitment to blending the sounds of Africa and Jamaica, further solidifying their status as pioneers of World Music.

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