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The Best Gifts for Writers: Inspire Creativity and Productivity



Gifting is a way more sensitive love language than you may think. Finding the perfect gift is a chore on its own, an integration of acts of service. The determination of what gift to get is hinged on a lot of things among which is what they do professionally or even just for fun. Facilitating their hobbies or work goes a long way in gifts’ impact and memorability. Aiding in creativity and productivity means that they are thinking about you every time they are doing whatever it is they are doing. Whether for a seasoned author or an aspiring novelist, here are some of the best gifts to consider for your writer friends and s/o’s.

1. Quality Notebooks and Journals

Every writer appreciates a good notebook. Brands like Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, and Rhodia offer high-quality options that are perfect for jotting down ideas, drafting stories, or keeping a journal. These notebooks are known for their durable covers and smooth paper, making writing a pleasurable experience. Now every time someone asks them where they got it, you come to mind.

2. Fountain Pens and Stylish Stationery

A fountain pen can make the act of writing feel more special. Brands like Pelikan, Pilot, and Parker offer reliable and elegant pens that glide smoothly on paper. Pairing a beautiful pen with personalized stationery can also add a personal touch. A pen holder or even a carry pouch means the world to writers.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfort is crucial for writers who spend long hours at their desks. An ergonomic office chair provides proper support and can help prevent back pain and discomfort, allowing writers to focus on their work. You basically change the way they work, how do they forget that?

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones from brands like Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser can help writers block out distractions and create a quiet, focused environment especially when they are out writing at their favourite cafe.

5. Literary-Inspired Candles

Candles with scents inspired by famous books and authors can create a cosy writing atmosphere. House of Leather and Miniso offer candles with unique literary scents such as “Old Books” or “Oxford Library,” which can provide sensory inspiration.

6. Writing Software Subscriptions

Tools like Scrivener, Ulysses, and Grammarly are invaluable for writers. A subscription to one of these writing software programs can help organize ideas, streamline the writing process, and improve grammar and style. Talk about intangible gifts that go a long way.

7. Inspirational Books on Writing

Books are cliche gifts at this point but picking the right book? Especially ones that offer advice and inspiration can be invaluable. Classics like “On Writing” by Stephen King, “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott, and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White provide wisdom and guidance for writers at any stage of their career. Its exciting insight is what it is.

8. Personalized Book Embosser

A personalized book embosser allows writers to mark their books with a custom seal. This elegant touch is perfect for authors who want to add a unique, professional mark to their personal library or books they gift to others. To writers, this is what an autograph is.

9. Coffee Subscription

Many writers rely on coffee to fuel their creativity. A coffee subscription from companies like Java or ArtCafe delivers high-quality beans from the best coffee beans, ensuring that writers always have a fresh brew to enjoy. Pair that with a mug from Puny Crafts Kenya and we have a winner.

Choosing the right gift for a writer involves considering their personal preferences and writing habits. Whether it’s a luxurious pen, a practical office chair, or an inspiring book, the best gifts are those that support and enhance a writer’s creative journey. These thoughtful gifts not only show appreciation for their craft but also encourage them to continue pursuing their passion for writing.

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Scariest Horror Movies You Need to Watch



We all have that one friend who pretends not to be scared by horror films, mocking us for jumping at the slightest scare. Well, this list is for them! Share and watch them revere horrors. Here are ten of the scariest horror films that will challenge even the bravest souls. Remember to share your list in the comments.

1. The Moor

Set in the eerie Yorkshire moors, “The Moor” follows the story of a grief-stricken father and a guilt-ridden friend searching for answers about a long-lost child. The atmospheric setting and unsettling folklore elements create a haunting experience that will stick with you long after the credits roll.

2. Baghead

Ever wondered what you’d do for a chance to speak with a loved one who’d passed on? “Baghead” explores this terrifying concept with a basement-dwelling monster that offers brief reunions with the dead at a high price. The tension and horror escalate quickly, making it a must-watch for any horror enthusiast.

3. A Quiet Place: Day One

A prequel to the popular series, this film delves into the chaotic first day when the terrifying creatures emerged. The suspense and survival elements are intense, with Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn delivering gripping performances as strangers navigating this new world.

4. I Saw the TV Glow

This film combines the nostalgia of 90s horror TV shows with a modern coming-of-age twist. Following two teens who are fans of a horror TV show, the movie explores their nightmarish realities blending with the show’s terror, making for a unique and chilling experience.

5. The Watchers

When artist Mina gets stranded in a forest in Ireland, she finds herself trapped with three strangers and stalked by mysterious creatures. The isolation and the supernatural threats in “The Watchers” will have you on the edge of your seat.

6. Speak No Evil

A family’s dream vacation turns into a psychological nightmare in this remake. The tension between the idyllic setting and the unfolding horror creates a deeply unsettling experience that challenges the boundaries of psychological horror.

7. Alien: Romulus

A new chapter in the Alien franchise, this film is set on a distant planet where a crew discovers ancient alien technology. The encounter with the unknown brings a fresh and terrifying take on the classic alien horror theme.

8. Smile 2

Building on the eerie premise of its predecessor, “Smile 2” delves deeper into the origins of the sinister smile that curses its victims. The psychological terror is amplified, making it a chilling sequel that digs into your fears.

9. Nosferatu

This reimagining of the classic vampire tale combines stunning visuals with eerie storytelling. “Nosferatu” follows an ancient vampire haunting a secluded village, blending horror with artful cinematography for a truly terrifying experience.

10. Trap

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, “Trap” takes place at a concert where attendees find themselves caught in a psychological thriller. With Shyamalan’s signature twists and turns, this film is sure to keep you guessing and scared throughout. Set for release on August 9, this psychological thriller by M. Night Shyamalan stars Josh Hartnett​

Each of these films brings something unique to the table, whether it’s atmospheric dread, psychological horror, or supernatural terror. So gather your bravest friends, turn off the lights, and see who can last through these terrifying tales.

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Supacell, Stream it or Skip it?



To be honest, it took me the entire week watching an episode a day of “Supacell,” Netflix’s sudden breakout superhero series that has been garnering high praise and impressive viewership numbers. Being a limited series it went by pretty fast regardless so now I am fiending for a second season, desperately.

“Supacell” presents a refreshing twist on the traditional superhero narrative, I promise it’s not what you’re expecting or something you’ve seen before. With its solid foundation and an intentionally well-cast, each of the six episodes in Season 1 goes deeper into the characters and their intertwined destinies, building up an intriguing mystery around their extraordinary abilities. This inaugural season marks a remarkable start to an original superhero saga that manages to distinguish itself in a crowded genre landscape.

The storyline of “Supacell” centres on a group of Black Londoners who unexpectedly acquire superpowers without any discernible rhyme or reason, uniting them in a shared mission to safeguard their loved ones.

In a departure from the typical solo Black hero representation in media, “Supacell” features not just one but five Black superheroes, each grappling with their newfound powers in distinct ways. The gradual unravelling of the origin and significance of these abilities adds a fresh perspective to the superhero genre, showcasing a well-crafted narrative that captivates audiences.

Drawing parallels to the renowned series “Top Boy,” “Supacell” intertwines superhuman abilities with grounded portrayals of Black characters, probing themes of race without overshadowing other storylines.

While the possibility of a second season remains uncertain, both fans and critics are eager to see the continuation of this captivating series on Netflix. Creator Rapman envisions a multi-season arc for “Supacell,” likening the first season to the origin story of Batman and hinting at intricate plans for future instalments.

With its record-breaking viewership and sustained popularity, the prospects for a renewal of “Supacell” for a second season appear promising, leaving most audiences eagerly awaiting further developments in this unique superhero saga.

If you have a Netflix subscription and like drama, Supacell is your next weekend binge-watch. Or you know, there are a few other places to watch it from if you know what I mean.

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Top 10 Must-Watch Medieval Movies and Series for Fans of Epic Tales



Are you a fan of medieval set shows? If so, you’re in for a treat! Here’s a list of the best medieval movies and series of all time, perfect for immersing yourself in the gritty, glorious world of knights, battles, and ancient lore.

  1. The Green Knight (2021)
    Dive into this visually stunning retelling of the Arthurian legend. Dev Patel stars as Sir Gawain, embarking on a quest to confront the mysterious Green Knight. The film’s dreamy, haunting atmosphere makes it a standout.
  1. The Northman (2022)
    Directed by Robert Eggers, this epic saga of Viking revenge follows a young prince avenging his father’s murder. With Alexander Skarsgård leading the cast, it’s a brutal yet beautifully shot journey into Norse mythology.
This may contain: the movie poster for the northman
  1. Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
    Ridley Scott’s epic film takes you to the Crusades, where Orlando Bloom’s character, Balian, defends Jerusalem. The director’s cut is especially recommended for its deeper storytelling and character development.
This contains an image of:
  1. Vikings (2013-2020)
    This popular TV series chronicles the legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his descendants. Full of battles, explorations, and Viking lore, it’s a must-watch for history and action enthusiasts.
This may contain: a group of people sitting at a table in front of a viking sign that says viking kings
  1. The Pillars of the Earth (2010)
    Based on Ken Follett’s novel, this miniseries follows the construction of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge. With a rich plot and compelling characters, it offers a detailed look at medieval life and politics.
This may contain: the pillars of the earth on dvd with an image of two men and one woman
  1. Outlaw King (2018)
    Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce in this gritty historical drama about Scotland’s fight for independence. The film captures the brutality and rawness of medieval warfare beautifully.
This may contain: the movie poster for out law king starring actors from left to right peter, john, henry, and george
  1. Vinland Saga (2019-)
    This anime series, inspired by historical events, follows Thorfinn’s journey during the Viking invasions of England. With intense battles and deep character arcs, it’s a gripping watch for anime and history fans alike.
This may contain: the poster for vinland saga
  1. The Last Kingdom (2015-2022)
    Based on Bernard Cornwell’s “The Saxon Stories,” this series follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he navigates his Saxon and Viking heritage. It’s a thrilling ride through the battles and politics of medieval England.
This may contain: the last kingdom movie poster with a man in armor holding two swords and standing on fire
  1. Shogun (2024)
    Based on James Clavell’s novel, tells the story of an English navigator shipwrecked in Japan. It’s a fascinating look at the clash and melding of Eastern and Western cultures during the early 1600s.
This may contain: the movie poster for shogun, featuring an image of a man on a horse
  1. Outlander (2014-)
    Though not strictly medieval, this time-travel series starts in the 1940s and takes you back to 18th-century Scotland. With its rich historical setting and epic romance, it offers a unique blend of genres that captivates audiences.
This may contain: a movie poster for outlander with two people in the background

Whether you’re looking for intense battles, intricate political plots, or deep character development, these films and series offer a window into the tumultuous and fascinating medieval world. Happy watching!

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