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Showmax Drama Series Single Kiasi Is Back For Season 2!



The Single Kiasi S1 finale ended in a cliffhanger when during their reunion dinner, Eric (Michael Munyoki) found out that his wife Rebecca (Faith Kibathi) was cheating on him with a hotshot celebrity (Lenana Kariba); Sintamei (Gathoni Mutua) found out she was pregnant after her clandestine affair with her young intern (Brian Abajah); while Mariah’s (Minne Kariuki) relationship with J.K (Mburu Kimani) took another big blow.

In season two, seeking a fresh start, Sintamei becomes her own boss when she makes good on her goal to start her own firm. This leads to a reunion with an old friend (Grace Wacuka), who buys a majority stake in the new venture. All the while, Sintamei eagerly anticipates motherhood and accepts the likelihood of raising her child alone.

Mariah on the other hand, having endured the final rejection from J.K, makes a life-changing decision and resumes a life of carefree adventures with her loyal cousin Ritchie (Kevin Maina) by her side. Ritchie expands his horizons by playing the field in an effort to find a life away from his sugar mummy’s beck and call.

On the other side of town, Rebecca and Eric’s marriage is at its lowest point. Despite her best efforts at reconciliation, Eric behaves erratically in an effort to get even with her for cheating on him. Things get even more complicated when Eric introduces a new woman in his life, who takes pleasure in Rebecca’s suffering.

Joining our three ladies in their never-ending relationship drama and entanglements in Nairobi are Ian Mbugua as a witty, sophisticated doctor that Mariah is set on wooing; Fidel Maithya as a college professor who takes a liking to Rebecca; and Quincy Rapando as Sintamei’s new adventurous love interest.

Just like season one, Single Kiasi season two is directed and produced by Insignia Productions duo Grace Kahaki and Philippe Bresson, known for shows like New Beginnings, Socialites, and Pieces of Us.

Catch Single Kiasi S2 only on Showmax, with new episodes every Monday.


Redefining Rap: Contrasting Paths to the Throne



Kendrick Lamar vs Drake

As we look towards the future of rap, the dynamic between artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake provides a compelling lens through which to examine the evolution of the genre. The so-called “beef” between these two titans of hip-hop(each worth their buck in their respective product forms) isn’t just about rivalry; it’s a narrative that highlights the divergent paths and philosophies within rap music. My definition of this beef in particular trickles down to what each of their fans believe to be the evolution of rap.

Kendrick Lamar, often hailed as a purist’s rapper, embodies the tradition of lyrical depth and political engagement. His approach to music is cinematic, with albums that tell stories and pose critical questions about society, race, and personal identity. Kendrick’s work is steeped in the roots of hip-hop as a form of social commentary, and his influence urges the genre to maintain its depth and provocativeness; For instance “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” (2012) – is often cited as a pivotal work in modern hip-hop for its conceptual depth and cohesive storytelling. It’s structured as a narrative about Kendrick’s teenage experiences in the gang-riddled streets of Compton. All the way to “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” (2022) – His latest album which at the time of this writing continues to delve into personal and societal issues, touching on themes such as mental health, family dynamics, and societal expectations.

On the other side of the spectrum, Drake represents the globalization and commercial success of rap. His style blends melodic hip-hop with elements of R&B, and his lyrics often explore themes of fame, relationships, and personal angst. Drake’s ability to churn out hits that resonate on a global scale has helped transform rap into a dominant force in mainstream music, making it more accessible and relatable to a wider audience. For instance, “Take Care” (2011) – was marked as a turning point for Drake, blending introspective lyrics with a soft, melodic production that appealed to a broad audience. It won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, solidifying his status in the music industry. All the way to “Certified Lover Boy” (2021) – which broke several streaming records upon release and achieved the biggest album debut of 2021. It also continued his streak of No. 1 debuts on the Billboard 200, reinforcing his influence and relevance in the music industry

The interactions between Kendrick and Drake, whether viewed as competition or mere artistic divergence, stimulate a dialogue among fans and artists about what the future of rap should hold. Should rap continue to prioritize lyrical richness and depth, as Kendrick advocates? Or should it embrace the broader appeal and genre-blending characteristics that Drake exemplifies?

This debate is crucial as rap continues to evolve. The genre is becoming increasingly diverse, with artists exploring new sounds and themes that challenge traditional boundaries. The Kendrick-Drake dynamic encapsulates this shift, highlighting a crossroads between complexity and accessibility, between introspective storytelling and global relatability.

As rap moves forward, it may not need to choose one path over the other. The future might see a synthesis of these approaches, where the genre’s richness is preserved even as it adapts to changing tastes and technologies. The contributions of both Kendrick and Drake, and their ongoing dialogue—whether framed as beef or as mutual inspiration—will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping what comes next in the world of hip-hop.

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The Real Stars of The Show: The Overlooked Value of Performers in the Nairobi Live Music Scene



Nairobi’s restaurant and cafe scene is flourishing, kila mahali all you hear is Hidden Gems this and that. Amidst this boom, there’s a common cultural thread tying many of these vibrant spots together: live music. As restaurants and cafes across Nairobi promote local artists you can’t help but ask is it the venues promoting the artists, or are the artists in fact the ones enhancing the venues?

While venues promote themselves as supporters of local talent, the reality showcases a more reciprocal relationship. Artists aren’t just background music because otherwise, they could just play prerecorded playlists; but would it really be the same? The unique ambience created by live performances transforms a regular dining experience into something special, becoming a primary reason customers choose one cafe over another. Despite this, at the end of the night, these artists might walk away with as little as 5,000 KES—a sum that hardly equates to the value they provide.

The Artist IS the Attraction

Artists bring a unique vibe to a venue, creating an ambience that can’t be replicated by a Spotify playlist or radio. Whether it’s the soulful strumming of a guitar or the soft notes of a jazz saxophone, live music adds a layer of authenticity and enjoyment to the dining experience that draws crowds. Regular patrons often turn into loyal customers, coming back not just for the food and drinks, but for the music that originally pulled them in.

The draw of live music is undeniable as more local artists emerge in Nairobi Live Music scene. On nights with scheduled performances, foot traffic in these establishments can spike significantly. This isn’t just about increased numbers; the diversity of the clientele also expands. Music lovers, friends of performers, and even passersby lured by the sound filtering through the doors help expand the usual customer base.

Beyond the immediate business that live music brings, there’s a further broader cultural contribution that these artists offer. They help define the character of a bistro or cafe, distinguishing it from competitors. Venues known for supporting local artists often gain a reputation as cultural centres, enhancing their brand and embedding them more deeply into the community fabric.

In discussing the dynamic between artists and venues during a recent interview with VibeYetu, JT Bulinda, an artist in the local music scene, shared his insights: “The assumption generally is that venues are doing a favour to the artists by letting them play, and while there is some truth in recognizing the platform they provide, that’s barely all there is to it.” His statement highlights a crucial point: the relationship is mutually beneficial. Venues gain a competitive edge and increase patronage through the distinctive cultural experience offered by artists, while artists receive exposure and a platform to showcase their talent.

Despite their significant contributions, our artists often face challenges. The compensation, if offered, can be minimal, and the acknowledgement of their role in attracting customers can be underappreciated. There is a growing conversation among the artist community about the need for fair treatment and better recognition of their contributions to the hospitality industry. At the end of the day as an artist, you need to earn however little you can and even more importantly, you have to keep singing and playing the instrument; so they end up being taken advantage of.

As Nairobi’s culinary scene continues to grow, recognizing the mutual benefits of this relationship could lead to more sustainable support for local artists and richer, more engaging experiences for patrons. In the thriving heartbeat of Nairobi’s eateries, perhaps the artists are the real promoters after all, deserving of fair compensation and recognition for the cultural vibrancy they bring to the table.

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Pregaming for Sherehe: Ultimate Guide to Start Your Night Right



Pregaming done right is how you guarantee that’s going to be a good time. And no, pregaming isn’t just about the shots, there’s so much more you should be doing to ensure that you and your friends have an amazing time. Whether you’re a seasoned night owl or a first-timer looking to make the most out of your night, this guide’s got you covered. Sit tight as we dive into the art of pregaming done right!

Pregaming has its perks. It’s a chance to catch up with friends, save some cash by drinking at home, and create a game plan for the night. Plus, starting the party early means you’re already on a high note when you step out the door. And considering we Kenyans weren’t taught polite drinking, how do you ensure you’re not only surviving but thriving through the night? Let’s dig into the ultimate pregame plan;


Before you dive into the night, let’s talk strategy—food strategy. With Kenyan parties known for their spirited drinking (because who knows what light drinking is, right?), lining your stomach is not just wise; it’s essential.

– Carbs are Your Best Friends: Think chapati, ugali, or your favorite pasta dish. These carbs are not just tasty; they’re your alcohol-absorbing superheroes, providing a slow-release energy source that keeps you going.

– Protein Packs a Punch: Grilled chicken, nyama choma, or lentil dishes are not only mouthwatering but also help slow the absorption of alcohol, keeping you in that happy buzz zone longer.

– Fruits and Veggies for the Win: Don’t underestimate the power of some good ol’ fruits and veggies. Avocados, bananas, and oranges are packed with potassium and vital nutrients to help keep those hangovers at bay.

– Hydration Heroes: Between bites, don’t forget to sip on some water or throw in coconut water to keep hydrated. It’s the secret weapon every Kenyan partygoer needs.

The Playlist to End All Playlists

With your foundation solidly laid, it’s time to dial up the vibes with a playlist that screams “sherehe ready”.

– Afrobeat to Start the Beat: Kick off with some Fela Kuti or Burna Boy to ease into the night with rhythms that resonate with the soul.

– Gengetone Grooves: No Kenyan pregame is complete without a dose of Gengetone. It’s raw, it’s real, and it gets everyone hyped.

– Bongo Flava for the Flavor: Add some Tanzanian love into the mix with hits from Diamond Platnumz or AliKiba, perfect for when the night starts to feel magical.

– Reggae to Mellow Out: As you edge closer to heading out, let some Bob Marley or Chronixx mellow the mood, ensuring everyone’s feeling irie and in tune.

Pre-Sherehe Games to Get the Party Started

Now, what’s a pregame without games? It’s the laughter, the camaraderie, and sometimes, the ridiculous competitiveness that sets the tone for an epic night.

– Kings: With a deck of cards and drinks at the ready, navigate the rules of Kings, where every draw brings a new challenge or a hearty laugh.

– Never Have I Ever: Perfect for uncovering secrets or just getting to know your friends on a whole new level, this game is a surefire way to spice things up.

– Beer Pong: It’s not just a game; it’s a pre-sherehe sport. Aim, throw, and let the friendly rivalry fuel the pregame excitement.

As the laughter echoes and the playlist winds down, you’re not just ready kupiga sherehe; you’re set to make the night legendary. With your belly full, your spirits high, and the bond with your crew stronger than ever, the night is yours to conquer. So, eat well, play hard, and let the music guide you to an unforgettable experience.


1. What’s the best food to eat if you’re planning a night of heavy drinking? Carbs and proteins are your go-to. Think chapati, ugali, grilled chicken, or nyama choma.

2. Can water help you drink more? Yes! Staying hydrated helps mitigate hangover symptoms and can help you maintain a good balance throughout the night.

3. How do I make a playlist that everyone will enjoy? Mix it up with genres that resonate with your crowd. Afrobeat, Gengetone, Bongo Flava, and some Reggae can create a vibrant mix that keeps the energy up.

4. What are some simple pre-sherehe games? Kings, Never Have I Ever, and Beer Pong are classics that are easy to set up and guaranteed to entertain.

5. How do you ensure you don’t overdo it during the pregame? Eat well, stay hydrated, and pace yourself with the games. It’s all about enjoying the moment and making memories.

Have no plans this weekend? Worry not, VibeYetu has your back, check out IssaPlan for what is happening around Nairobi this weekend and where to be:

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