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New Netflix Releases for June 2024: Your Next Binge-Watch List



We’ve all been there: scrolling through Netflix’s endless library, spending two hours just trying to decide on something to watch, only to settle on a movie you abandon halfway through. This month, however, promises to be different. Netflix has rolled out a fresh lineup that should keep you glued to your screen all summer long. From the continuation of beloved series to new intriguing documentaries, here’s a guide to the must-watch titles hitting Netflix this June 2024.

Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2

If you’ve been dying to find out what happens next in the lush, romantic world of Bridgerton, your wait is over. Part 2 of Season 3 picks up with Penelope and Colin’s story, delivering more of the high-society drama and heartfelt moments fans adore. Prepare for a binge-worthy continuation that promises more romance, intrigue, and dazzling Regency-era settings.

Hit Man

Looking for a blend of romance and thriller? *Hit Man* introduces us to a faux assassin navigating the chaotic streets of New Orleans. This rom-com thriller is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of humour, suspense, and unconventional love stories.

Perfect Match Season 2

Dive back into the Netflix Reality Universe (NCU) with *Perfect Match* Season 2. This season ramps up the drama and romance as contestants vie for love in exotic locations. Expect plenty of twists, emotional rollercoasters, and memorable reality TV moments.

America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Ever wondered what it takes to be an NFL cheerleader? This documentary provides an exclusive look behind the scenes of the iconic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. From gruelling auditions to intense training sessions, get ready to witness the dedication and talent that define these performers.

Too Old for Fairy Tales 2

In this adventurous sequel, young Waldek sets out on a daring journey through the Tatra mountains in search of his estranged father. This heartwarming story is a perfect family film, filled with beautiful landscapes and touching moments.

A Million Ways to Die in the West

If you like Family Guy and a good laugh, A Million Ways to Die in the West offers plenty of laughs. Follow sheep farmer Albert as he regains his self-respect and navigates the dangers and absurdities of the Old West. I promise this will be the funniest

The Breakfast Club

Are you a fan of the classics? The OGs? Revisit the classic tale of high school stereotypes breaking down over a Saturday detention. The Breakfast Club remains a timeless coming-of-age film that explores the complexities of teenage life and identity.

The Conjuring Series

Get your paranormal fix with The Conjuring series. Whether you’re revisiting these horror classics or experiencing the terrifying investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren for the first time, these films are sure to deliver chills. Late-night plans with your s/o locked in.

Divergent Series

Dive into a dystopian future with the *Divergent* series. Follow Tris and Four as they navigate a divided, war-torn world and uncover secrets about their society. This action-packed saga is perfect for fans of science fiction and adventure.

The Lego Movie

A delight for viewers of all ages, *The Lego Movie* follows ordinary mini-figure Emmet as he embarks on an extraordinary quest to thwart the evil Lord Business. Its clever humour and heartwarming message make it a perfect choice for family movie night.

Crazy Rich Asians

Experience the glitz and glamour of Singaporean high society with Crazy Rich Asians. Follow Rachel Chu as she navigates her boyfriend’s affluent family and the cultural challenges that come with it. This romantic comedy is both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

This June, Netflix has something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, thrills, comedy, or horror, you’ll find plenty of options to keep you entertained. So grab your popcorn, cuddle buddy, settle in, and enjoy the best that Netflix has to offer this June as we try to stay cosy. We’ll keep you updated right here on VibeYetu, your Home of Entertainment and Lifestyle Fix!

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The Best Gifts for Writers: Inspire Creativity and Productivity



Gifting is a way more sensitive love language than you may think. Finding the perfect gift is a chore on its own, an integration of acts of service. The determination of what gift to get is hinged on a lot of things among which is what they do professionally or even just for fun. Facilitating their hobbies or work goes a long way in gifts’ impact and memorability. Aiding in creativity and productivity means that they are thinking about you every time they are doing whatever it is they are doing. Whether for a seasoned author or an aspiring novelist, here are some of the best gifts to consider for your writer friends and s/o’s.

1. Quality Notebooks and Journals

Every writer appreciates a good notebook. Brands like Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, and Rhodia offer high-quality options that are perfect for jotting down ideas, drafting stories, or keeping a journal. These notebooks are known for their durable covers and smooth paper, making writing a pleasurable experience. Now every time someone asks them where they got it, you come to mind.

2. Fountain Pens and Stylish Stationery

A fountain pen can make the act of writing feel more special. Brands like Pelikan, Pilot, and Parker offer reliable and elegant pens that glide smoothly on paper. Pairing a beautiful pen with personalized stationery can also add a personal touch. A pen holder or even a carry pouch means the world to writers.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfort is crucial for writers who spend long hours at their desks. An ergonomic office chair provides proper support and can help prevent back pain and discomfort, allowing writers to focus on their work. You basically change the way they work, how do they forget that?

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones from brands like Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser can help writers block out distractions and create a quiet, focused environment especially when they are out writing at their favourite cafe.

5. Literary-Inspired Candles

Candles with scents inspired by famous books and authors can create a cosy writing atmosphere. House of Leather and Miniso offer candles with unique literary scents such as “Old Books” or “Oxford Library,” which can provide sensory inspiration.

6. Writing Software Subscriptions

Tools like Scrivener, Ulysses, and Grammarly are invaluable for writers. A subscription to one of these writing software programs can help organize ideas, streamline the writing process, and improve grammar and style. Talk about intangible gifts that go a long way.

7. Inspirational Books on Writing

Books are cliche gifts at this point but picking the right book? Especially ones that offer advice and inspiration can be invaluable. Classics like “On Writing” by Stephen King, “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott, and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White provide wisdom and guidance for writers at any stage of their career. Its exciting insight is what it is.

8. Personalized Book Embosser

A personalized book embosser allows writers to mark their books with a custom seal. This elegant touch is perfect for authors who want to add a unique, professional mark to their personal library or books they gift to others. To writers, this is what an autograph is.

9. Coffee Subscription

Many writers rely on coffee to fuel their creativity. A coffee subscription from companies like Java or ArtCafe delivers high-quality beans from the best coffee beans, ensuring that writers always have a fresh brew to enjoy. Pair that with a mug from Puny Crafts Kenya and we have a winner.

Choosing the right gift for a writer involves considering their personal preferences and writing habits. Whether it’s a luxurious pen, a practical office chair, or an inspiring book, the best gifts are those that support and enhance a writer’s creative journey. These thoughtful gifts not only show appreciation for their craft but also encourage them to continue pursuing their passion for writing.

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Celebrating African Literary Achievements in 2024: A Beacon for African Writers



The literary landscape of 2024 has been illuminated by the remarkable achievements of African writers, each making significant strides on the global stage. These successes not only underscore the richness of African narratives but also inspire a new generation of writers from the continent— what a time to be an African writer, light at the end of the tunnel. Here, we highlight some of these distinguished writers and explore what their accomplishments mean for aspiring African writers and their recognition.

Caleb Azumah Nelson: A Ghanaian Literary Star

Ghanaian writer Caleb Azumah Nelson clinched the 2024 Dylan Thomas Prize for his novel SMALL WORLDS. This £20,000 prize is one of the most prestigious awards for young writers, celebrating innovation, creativity, and excellence. Nelson’s victory is a testament to the power of African storytelling and the global recognition it can achieve. His success serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for young African writers, proving that their voices and stories have a place on the world stage.

Scholastique Mukasonga: Bridging Cultures with Translation

French-Rwandan author Scholastique Mukasonga made it to the shortlist of the 2024 Internationaler Literaturpreis, a highly esteemed German translation prize. Mukasonga was recognized for the German translation of her novel KIBOGO. This acknowledgement not only highlights the importance of translation in bringing African stories to a broader audience but also showcases the universal themes that resonate across cultures. For aspiring African writers, Mukasonga’s achievement underscores the value of multilingual storytelling and the potential reach of their work.

Atinuke: Celebrating African Heritage

Nigerian-born author Atinuke won the 2024 British Book Awards in the Children’s Nonfiction Category for her book BRILLIANT BLACK HISTORY. Her work, which delves into the rich and diverse history of Black people, serves as an educational tool and a source of pride. Atinuke’s success highlights the importance of writing that educates and empowers, encouraging young African writers to explore and celebrate their heritage through literature.

Mildred Kiconco Barya: Poetry with a Purpose

Ugandan poet Mildred Kiconco Barya received an Honorable Mention in the Poetry category of the Eric Hoffer Awards for her 2023 collection THE ANIMALS OF MY EARTH SCHOOL. The Hoffer Award is one of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses. Barya’s recognition is a reminder of the power of poetry to convey profound messages and connect with readers on an emotional level. Aspiring poets can look to Barya’s journey as an example of how dedication to their craft can lead to international acclaim.

Adams Adeosun: A Promising Future in Fiction

Nigerian writer Adams Adeosun has been awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing. As the 2024-2025 Carol Houck Smith Fiction Fellow, Adeosun will reside at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and receive a stipend of at least $40,000. This fellowship not only provides financial support but also offers a platform for Adeosun to hone his craft among a community of writers. For emerging African writers, such fellowships represent invaluable opportunities for growth, mentorship, and exposure.

The Island Prize: Spotlight on Emerging Talent

The shortlist for the 2024 Island Prize includes writers Simbarashe Steyn Kundizeza from Zimbabwe, Ruby Excel from Ghana, and Mali Kambandu from Zambia. This prize celebrates new and emerging voices from the continent, highlighting the diverse stories and perspectives that Africa has to offer. Recognition through such awards can be a crucial stepping stone for writers at the beginning of their careers, providing them with the visibility and validation needed to continue their literary journeys.

Literary Leadership for Emerging African Authors

The 2024 fellows for the Literary Leadership for Emerging African Authors are Habiba Dokubo-Asari from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and Chimezie Chika from Onitsha, Nigeria. Started by author Suyi Davies Okungbowa, this fellowship aims to provide underrepresented emerging African authors with professional support and infrastructure. Initiatives like this are vital for nurturing new talent and ensuring that diverse voices are heard and celebrated.

Encouraging Aspiring African Writers

The achievements of these African writers in 2024 serve as a powerful source of inspiration for aspiring writers across the continent. They demonstrate that African stories, voices, and perspectives are not only valuable but also have the potential to gain international recognition and acclaim. Aspiring writers should take heart from these successes and continue to pursue their literary dreams with determination and passion.

To support this next generation of writers, it is crucial to provide access to resources, mentorship, and platforms that can help them develop their skills and showcase their work. Initiatives such as fellowships, writing prizes, and translation opportunities play a significant role in this process, offering both financial support and validation.

In conclusion, the literary triumphs of African writers in 2024 highlight the continent’s vibrant and diverse literary talent. These achievements encourage aspiring writers to tell their stories, celebrate their heritage, and seek out opportunities for growth and recognition. So dear writers, write; contribute to the rich tapestry of global literature and ensure that African narratives continue to shine on the world stage.

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Mauritian Writer | Reena Usha Rungoo Wins 2024 Commonwealth Prize for Africa



Reena Usha Rungoo, a distinguished Mauritian writer, scholar, teacher, speaker, and mother has won the prestigious 2024 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the Africa region. Rungoo, aged 39, emerged victorious among 7,359 entrants from across the globe, highlighting her exceptional talent in short fiction.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, facilitated by the Commonwealth Foundation, honours the best piece of unpublished short fiction worldwide. Regional winners are awarded GBP 2,500 each, with the overall winner receiving GBP 5,000. Rungoo’s winning story, “Dite,” meaning “tea” in Creole, delves into the complex relationship of a Mauritian woman with tea, intertwining themes of colonial history, education, language, and interpersonal relationships through olfactory memories.

As an assistant professor of literature at Harvard University, Rungoo brings a rich perspective to her writing, influenced by her identity as an islander, African, and diasporic South Asian. Her work often explores the pervasive effects of colonial violence and the resilience in the face of such legacies.

The 2024 judging panel, chaired by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, included esteemed judges Keletso Mopai, O Thiam Chin, Shashi Bhat, Richard Georges, and Melissa Lucashenko. They praised the shortlisted stories for their emotional impact and narrative prowess.

The other regional winners are Sanjana Thakur (Asia) with “Aishwarya Rai,” Julie Bouchard (Canada & Europe) with “What Burns,” Portia Subran (Caribbean) with “The Devil’s Son,” and Pip Robertson (Pacific) with “A River Then the Road.” These stories will be published by Granta ahead of the overall winner announcement on June 26.

Rungoo’s accolade underscores the vibrant literary talent emerging from Africa and the enduring power of short fiction in contemporary literature. Read African literature, encourage it and pride yourself in it.

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