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New Kenyan Christmas Movie Coming Soon



In the heart of a Kenyan Christmas, chaos takes center stage as the Nyati family, an eclectic mix of personalities and agendas, embarks on a seven-day journey through the festive season in “A Merry X-Mess,” the highly anticipated second-ever Kenyan Christmas feature.

Directed by Gilbert Lukalia, known for “Mission to Rescue,” and written by Damaris Irungu, the mind behind “Pepeta” and “Crime and Justice,” this holiday extravaganza promises to be a fun, escapist, heartwarming delight for families across Africa.

The narrative unfolds as the fiercely competitive family matriarch, Zawadi Nyati, played by Regina Re of “Pieces of Us” fame, invites her equally competitive sister, Aunty Fidelis (Naomi Ramtu), from the village to join forces in winning the annual family Christmas choir competition at the local church. The stakes are high, and the clash of egos adds an extra layer of hilarity to the festive proceedings.

As Zawadi attempts to secure victory in the choir competition, she can’t resist meddling in her son’s love life. Kina’s Bruce Makau takes on the role of Ken, a charming ladies’ man who undergoes a transformative experience when he meets a hard-to-get church girl, played by Sheila Munyiva, known for her roles in “Rafiki” and “Country Queen.”

The family dynamics intensify with the arrival of Toni, portrayed by Melissa Kiplagat of “Country Queen” fame, who returns from America with her two sons. Toni grapples with the clash between African traditions, imposed by her know-it-all uncle (Joel Kennedy Otukho), and the allure of moving back home for good.

Mufasa Kibet, following his debut in Showmax’s “Crime and Justice,” steps into the role of Charlie, Zawadi’s youngest son, seeking quality time with his wife and family amidst the holiday chaos.

Irungu describes “A Merry X-Mess” as a story about family, Christmas, and the joy the season brings. She expresses her desire for the film to resonate not only with Kenyans but with the entire continent, aiming for a universal appeal.

The ensemble cast also includes Joel Kennedy Otukho, Naomi Ramtu, Raymond Karago, and newcomers Eunice Kangai, David Muturi, Chase Njogu Mathenge, and Gachecheh Kenyua.

Following the success of Reuben Odanga’s “A Familiar Christmas” in December 2022, “A Merry X-Mess” is set to premiere exclusively on Showmax on December 15th, marking another significant addition to Kenya’s growing repertoire of Christmas feature films. Irungu and Lukalia hope that audiences will not only enjoy the festive chaos but also develop a fondness for the Nyati family, making it a must-watch for Christmases to come.


Beyonce Launches Inclusive Hair Care Line Cécred



Beyoncé has officially launched her highly anticipated hair care line, ‘Cécred’, offering a diverse range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments catering to various hair types from coily to straight, and fine to coarse.

The 42-year-old singer unveiled ‘Cécred’ through a captivating Instagram campaign in early February, where she reminisced about her humble beginnings, revealing that her first job was sweeping hair in her mother’s salon.

Beyonce on X

In a heartfelt statement, Beyoncé expressed her aspiration to continue her mother’s legacy of empowering women through hair care, stating, “I saw firsthand how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls.” Emphasizing the importance of self-expression, Beyonce added, “I want everyone to have the freedom to express their hair in ways that make them feel good.”

Drawing inspiration from her upbringing and her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, Beyoncé credited her early lessons in business to her mother, Tina Knowles, who ran a salon in Houston during the 1980s. Reflecting on her journey, Beyoncé shared, “My entire life and career, I’ve worn my hair in so many different ways… I want everyone to have the freedom to express their hair in ways that make them feel good.”

The Grammy-winning artist highlighted the significance of inclusivity in product development, particularly for Black women who are often underrepresented in hair care testing. “Every hair texture deserves testing, research, and development,” Beyonce emphasized. Beyoncé also acknowledged her mother’s invaluable contribution to the creation of ‘Cécred’, leveraging her expertise from running a salon and challenging conventional norms in hair care.

Tina Knowles, who serves as the company’s vice chair, emphasized the fusion of advanced hair care technology with traditional rituals, stating, “Now Cécred has the latest science with tried-and-true rituals passed down from generations before.” The initial collection, named ‘Foundation’, offers essential products such as a clarifying shampoo, scalp scrub, hair mask, and a rose-scented fermented rice treatment.

With prices ranging from $20 to $52, the ‘Foundation’ collection is available on the official website, Beyoncé’s venture into hair care marks another milestone in her entrepreneurial journey, complementing her previous endeavors in fashion and athleisure.

Through ‘Cécred’, she aims to celebrate healthy hair for all women, embracing diversity and empowerment in every strand.

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Nyota Ndogo Announces The Arrival Of Her Baby Boy With Danish Hubby



Nyota Ndogo, the 43-year-old singer from the Coast, and her 60-year-old Danish husband, Henning Nielsen, have joyously welcomed a new addition to their family – a baby boy named Abdalla.

Announcing the birth on social media, the Watu na Viatu singer shared a touching photo of the newborn shortly after his arrival, expressing her delight. She couldn’t help but notice the unique blend of features in her son, noting his silky hair resembling his father’s while acknowledging that he takes after her in other aspects. However, despite her happiness, she confessed to feeling apprehensive about potential accusations of infidelity due to their son’s complexion.

“Karibu nyumbani mwanangu. Ila hii rangi sinitaambiwa nimechiti. Yani umeamua nywele ndio uchukue ya baba rangi ndio hii yetu. Karibu Abdalla. (URITHI TUNAO),” Nyota Ndogo wrote on Saturday, February 17.

With the arrival of Abdalla, Nyota Ndogo and Henning’s family now have six children, marking their first child together. Nyota Ndogo brings a daughter and son from previous relationships, while Henning has three children of his own.

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Bien Recruits Kenyan Singer Xenia Manasseh And Ugandan Hitmaker Joshua Baraka For His Upcoming Europe Tour



Bien is gearing up for his inaugural solo tour across Europe, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Having previously toured the continent with Sauti Sol in 2022 and 2023 as part of their farewell tour, the acclaimed singer is now embarking on a solo journey that will take him through eight vibrant cities.

The tour, named after his debut solo album, “Alusa Why Are You Topless?”, is scheduled to commence in March. Released to critical acclaim in November 2023, the album has garnered widespread recognition, with one of its tracks, ‘Ma Cherie’, earning a spot among Rolling Stones’ 40 best Afropop songs of 2023.

It will be an East African affair as Kenyan R&B singer Xenia Manasseh and Ugandan hitmaker Joshua Baraka are set to join Bien on his European tour.

Beginning on Thursday, March 7th, Bien will grace the stage in Paris, France, setting the tone for an electrifying journey. From there, he’ll make his way to Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Monday, March 11th, followed by a performance in Brussels, Belgium, on the subsequent day.

Continuing his musical odyssey, the ‘Mbwe Mbwe’ crooner will enchant audiences in Germany, with shows in Cologne on Friday, March 15th, and Berlin on Sunday, March 17th. The tour’s second leg will then take him to London on Monday, March 18th, before concluding in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Wednesday, March 20th.

Wrapping up his European escapade with a flourish, Bien will deliver a mesmerizing finale in Stockholm, Sweden, on Friday, March 22nd. This tour promises to be a captivating showcase of his musical prowess and an unforgettable experience for audiences across Europe.

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