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Starting Small, Dreaming Big: A Guide for Kenyan Youth Entrepreneurs



We all have needs that don’t fit into our budgetary provisions for a month and asking your parent for more money without the question, “what for?” is impossible. But even with our current economy, it is almost unreasonable for a middle- or lower-income earner to rely entirely on one revenue stream. The best way to break that cycle is for you to enter the business world; have multiple revenue streams and understanding the essentials of launching a small business is key. Navigating the business world can be tricky but lucky for you, we’re here. This guide offers practical advice, highlighting successful models and key financial partners for you to start your business; starting small.

1. Identifying a Niche:

Look for unique problems in your community, things your friends require and fill that gap, find a problem that you can solve: that’s your business idea.
Example: EcoPost, a Kenyan startup, found its niche in recycling plastic waste into durable building materials, addressing environmental concerns and creating a profitable business.

2. Lean Startup Model:

Begin with minimal resources, don’t strain yourself, start with the little resources you have, test that your niche is viable by doing a presale or preservice offering of your product or service, then iterate based on feedback. Decide at that point if you want to go through with the business plan or if you want to rethink and try something else; theres no shame in failing, as long as you continue to invest in yourself and try.

3. Embracing Digital Tools

Everyone’s glued to their phones and laptops, right? Use that to your advantage. Get your business on social media, build a snazzy website, or even create an app if that’s your thing. It’s all about reaching people where they hang out – online.

Social Media Magic: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for marketing. Post cool pics, engage with your audience, and even run ads without spending a fortune.

Website Wizards: Tools like Wix or Squarespace let you set up a slick website easily. It’s like having your own digital shop window.

App Adventures: If you’re feeling fancy, use app builders like Appy Pie or BuildFire. Create an app for your business and get on everyone’s phone!

Marketing Gurus: Mailchimp or Sendinblue for email marketing can help you reach out to customers with news and deals.

Operation Organizers: Asana or Trello are great for keeping your business tasks organized. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

4. Funding and Financial Partners:

For all businesses, one of the most important factors are who your financial partners are. Banks like Equity Bank, KCB Group, and Co-operative Bank are known for supporting small businesses with loans and financial advice, once you have tested your business model, approach your bank of choice and talk to them, find out how they can help and what advantages there are with opening a small business account with them.

Microfinance Institutions: Institutions like Faulu Kenya and SMEP Microfinance Bank offer loans tailored to small startups.

Visit as many as you have to to find one that perfectly accommodates you. Choose financial partners that understand and support small business needs.

5. Government and NGO Support:

Government initiatives like the Youth Enterprise Development Fund provide financial support and training. It’s not just the government; loads of NGOs like enpact are also in the mix. Ready to back you up with extra funding, workshops, and networking events. Keep an eye out for local and international NGOs that have programs for young business owners.

Scout for Opportunities: Always be on the lookout for government grants, loans, or training programs. Keep your ears open and check out official websites regularly.

Network with NGOs: Get involved in local business communities and online forums. This way, you’ll hear about NGO programs that could benefit your business.

Apply Like a Pro: When you find an opportunity, go for it! Put together a solid application or proposal. Make sure to show them how awesome your business idea is and how their support can help it fly.

Tapping into these resources can give you a serious leg-up. It’s not just about the money (which is super helpful, obviously), but also about the training, mentorship, and connections you can gain. These programs can be a game-changer, especially when you’re just starting out.”

6. Networking and Community:

Building a network can provide invaluable advice, partnerships, and growth opportunities.

Starting a small business in Kenya is an exciting venture,even though we are overtaxed, the country’s spending power increases. With the right approach, identifying a niche, starting lean, embracing digital tools, choosing the right financial partners, and building a strong network, young entrepreneurs can turn their business dreams into reality.

Networking: Your Business Buddy System:

Imagine having a group of friends who get the whole business thing. That’s what building a network is all about. It’s like having your own personal think tank. You can bounce ideas off them, get some real talk advice, or even find a partner for your next big thing. Remember how in school we were taugh about how important it is to keep good, beneficial friends? This is where it pays off. It opens doors to opportunities you didn’t even know existed. From landing your first client to finding a mentor who’s been there, done that, a strong network can be the secret sauce to your business success.

Example: iHub and Nairobi Garage offer networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors.

Jumping into the business world here is like starting an adventure. Yeah, we are overtaxed but the spending power of the country continues to rise. You’ll come across a new car ever so often or a new highrise building. So this is your chance to tap into that resource.

The Game Plan

 Find Your Spot: What’s missing in your hood? Is it a cool coffee shop or an app that makes life easier? That’s your niche.

 Start Smart and Lean: You don’t need a pile of cash to start. Begin with what you have and grow as you go, learn as you go.

Digital is Your Friend: Use those online tools to make noise about your biz. Social media, websites, apps – get on all of it.

Pick the Right Money Friends: Whether it’s a bank that gets small businesses or a microfinance place, choose someone who speaks your financial language.

Network Like a Boss: Get out there and make friends in the business world. They’re your ticket to bigger and better things.

Making Dreams Reality: With a bit of smarts, a dash of courage, and a whole lot of hustle, you can turn those business daydreams into your everyday grind. Kenya’s market is ripe for the picking, so why not you, right?

Adulting 101

Such is Life: Lessons From the Death of My Auntie

Regardless of how much we grieve , the dead will be dead. they are not coming back. We: the living are the ones left .



” I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

These were the last words as we went around the grave singing the words of 2 Timothy 4:6-8. My heart was full. Guilty was the term. As I placed my flowers on her grave I was apologetic. My heart was honest. Entirely in my life, I have never felt as guilty before. My aunt was gone. No memorable moments, just what she left me: A Prayer Book


Regardless of how much I regret and cry, Auntie is dead. What can I do? I can learn. Take notes and introspect. Learn (Ai definition) To acquire knowledge or skill in a subject, typically through study or experience. Let’s learn together, shall we?

Spend time with your loved ones. Be it your friend or relative, create time for them. Do not have a boundary that this is blood: even friends can be blood. Love is something no amount of money can purchase. Spend time together. Yes, we are chasing the bag but what is the essence of working for it without using it? I believe money can never be enough. Do not let grief unite you.

Love people regardless. People’s mistakes and shortcomings tend to create rifts between people. If you love somebody, it means you also embrace their shortcomings. We have to be in the capacity to tolerate and solve the problems. I’m not advocating for toxicity but if it is your cup of tea, walk away or seek help.


Most importantly: how you feel after the loss of a loved one is what is the solution to it. Every business is a result of problems hence creating opportunities. That is the same case here; you control your life. Instead of feeling lowly, pray for strength and live from the lessons.

Rest in Peace Auntie…

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Adulting 101

A Glimpse Inside The Life of the Versatile Teddy Munyendo

Teddy Munyendo aka DJ Icon reveals secrets to his success as well as sharing his adulting wisdom.



Teddy Munyendo otherwise known as DJ Icon is doing the most being the CEO of Iconic Entertainment and Media. The ecstatic Teddy shares his adulting secrets and paints a clear picture of his versatility.

”(laughing) let’s do it bro… I’m all here”

Who is Teddy Munyendo?

I’m Teddy Munyendo and I’m passionate about journalism, multimedia, and the captivating world of music. With a keen eye for storytelling and a knack for creativity, I find myself drawn to the dynamic intersection of these fields.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

I am Ambitious, Determined and self-driven

Interesting, now you are otherwise known as DJ Icon, how did you get yourself into Deejaying?

I began my journey as a DJ at a young age, igniting a lifelong passion. This was fueled by my go-getter attitude. I’ve cultivated a unique blend of skills and experiences that drive me to pursue excellence in every endeavor. Not forgetting that I come from a family that is blessed with talents in music

What do you love about the world of music and deejaying in general?

Where do I start…..
Okay, Emotional Connection: Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and memories. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, or nostalgic. Deejaying allows individuals to curate playlists or mixes that resonate with their own emotions and those of their audience.

Creative Expression: Both music and deejaying offer avenues for creative expression. Musicians can compose melodies, write lyrics, and experiment with different sounds, while DJs can mix tracks, create mashups, and develop unique performances.

Still on this what inspires your creativity?

The ability to create mashups and mix the tracks and bring out a different touch of music within a specific genre.

What keeps you going?

I’m so optimistic about my future and I also have a Targeted future, I’m an all-in-one person, which means you have to be hardworking. I’m that one guy who has tried nearly everything so long as I see an opportunity and this comes with so much strictness; for you to be successful you have to be strict with your plans and objectives… So I move to where the money is because there is no day money will locate you, you have to locate it first… In short, being all in one means that I’m a broker, whatever you want I must be able to provide or have a link at whatever cost

Why do you believe that money will never locate you yet you have numerous skills?

First, Money was introduced to bring an end to laziness, nothing much… So it’s hard to own money and you aren’t working. God gave us these skills so that we can work hard and in unison towards a common goal: making money. You can have the skill but you ain’t on your toes, so the money won’t come to you because you have the skill… Remember your work has to be seen for you to get paid… So we work hard to locate money or else we’ll stay or die poor, and remember not everyone poor is not working hard, so we have to work beyond our limits

I can feel the personal touch. Now walk me through your journalism and multimedia journey, how did this get to be?

That’s a fantastic choice! Journalism and media indeed offer a lot of opportunities for creativity and critical thinking. In these fields, you have the chance to explore various topics, tell stories, uncover truths, and engage with diverse audiences. Your creativity can shine through in how you frame stories, select angles, craft headlines, and present information in compelling ways. Keep honing your skills and exploring new ideas, and you’ll find that journalism and media can be incredibly rewarding paths for your creative mind.

You are a versatile person, could you list some of the skills and explain how you got to acquire the skills?

I have diverse skill sets in videography, photojournalism, editing, radio and TV hosting, reporting, and more will undoubtedly serve you well in the field of journalism and media.
Training at Zetech University and through personal training has provided me with a solid foundation, but remember that learning is an ongoing process; I’m still gaining skills

How do you practice and balance all these skills?

I have a group of individuals who help me run the activities. You know you cannot always do it alone. So I take a job at a time and with that, I keep on practicing diverse skills. But remember in multimedia we have different stages, we have pre and post-production. Passing through all these stages helps me practice and sharpen all my skills because they are all included in these stages

What is adulting to you?

Adulting is the journey of becoming self-sufficient, accountable, and capable of handling the demands of adult life.

As a young person, how would you describe the situation of the youth in the country?

For me as much as there’s no employment, on the other hand, there’s something for everyone, it just depends on your level of aggressiveness and hard work, remember also good work matters.

On the same note, how do you think young people can make ends meet?

Networking is the most important thing in making ends meet. Just know someone who knows someone, and then you’re good to go. But remember that knowing someone and you haven’t perfected your skill is a whole mess. Know someone and make sure you’re working hard to prove you can do it

How does one get the skill yet we are competing for Platform?

Any chance you get to learn, learn and acquire a skill then the platform will come

What’s your take on how young people are living?

We are living in tough times, where no one cares about another. Young people are affected by peer pressure, and greed to gain wealth without working hard, so they stop working hard and want to get riches through gambling, scamming or even robbing and it makes things even worse.

What is your secret to success?

There is not much, pray, work smart, know people and stay calm.

One thing we don’t know about Teddy?

Teddy is a cool and God-fearing guy who is interested in anything to do with creativity.

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Adulting 101

Fathers Take Lead: Dad,She Doesn’t Like Me.

Father’s should be available for their children ;more so giving an ear to their children’s heartbreak experiences



”Keke do you love me, Are you riding, say you’ll never ever leave from beside me, ’cause I want ya….” In my feelings with Drake(Rapper) because Muthoni has rejected me. My advances have proven futile as she’ll put it …” you’re not my type.”  My playlist is full of sad songs: Little Mix(girl-pop band) says No More Sad Songs. I am a young teen looking for love and Muthoni has broken my heart. Day and night thinking about her, hurt, broken and feeling low.  Why won’t she acknowledge my love for her?

”Mwanaume unalia aje juu umeachwa na mschana? Aje tu manze, Bro unachoma! ” The society is screaming in my ears. My self-esteem has been going low since my first love rejected me. I have been looking for solace. My friends are mocking me, my circle is making fun. My feelings are not taken into consideration. Where do I get help from? Everyone is deeming me stupid and my masculinity is on edge. Am I a man? Men do not cry especially because of a woman. What do I do?  Back home my father and mother have been married for the longest time and the thought of asking them for advice is only real in my favourite series.


”If you are not emotionally present for your child , they will withdraw ” Joseph Mithanga -Parent

Isn’t it sad that young men only watch the parents give their sons relationship advice on TV? This madness should stop.  Let’s break it down: Who is a parent? A parent is an individual who has a biological, legal, or social relationship with a child and is responsible for the child’s care, upbringing, and well-being. The well-being is where the parents draw the line. Heartbreaks are part of a child’s growth and deeming it as something small or stupid is risky for both the parent and child.

In the same regard, the father should take the lead. Man to man let’s converse about the heartbreak. A father: a male figure who assumes a nurturing and supportive role in a child’s life (Ai definition), Our African fathers were dimmed as providers. Is it about the providence though? No. A father’s guide to navigating his son’s love life goes a long way in fostering a healthy father-son relationship and giving the boy direction.


The society is on the neck of young men. The desire to fit in and have a girlfriend exists. It is no longer a tale, it is real. Seeing young men do TikTok videos (or any other social media platform) with their fathers is very impressive. That is a good indicator of a healthy relationship. The phrase ”they only love football and their mothers” is because there was no hand to hold through the tunnel.

Courtesy of TikTok-mystakinfolk

As a young man, I love to be listened to. My feelings are valid. I’m only human, I fall in love.  As an adult, I have a full understanding that my parents will always be regardless of how tall or how broken my voice is. Parents, consider the well-being of your children. From young ones to teenagers, hear them out. Let not depression sink in because of Muthoni or Mike. Take action!

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