Blinky Bill Releases New Album ‘We Cut Keys 2’ Featuring Exciting Collabos



Introducing “We Cut Keys 2”: the much-anticipated third studio project from Kenyan Producer/Artist and DJ Blinky Bill.

With a career spanning both home turf and international stages, Blinky Bill has consistently pushed boundaries, and this album is no exception. Crafted predominantly in Nairobi during the onset of the pandemic, “We Cut Keys 2” continues Blinky’s journey of exploration and experimentation, weaving together traditional tribal drum sounds, electronic beats, hip-hop vibes, and jazz influences.

Featuring an impressive lineup of collaborators, including Ghanaian sensation Fuse ODG, American artist GoldLink, Jamaican talent Shauna Fung Yee, and Kenya’s music legend Maji Maji, among others, this album promises a rich tapestry of sounds and styles.

The lead single, “Dracula,” serves as a rallying cry for unity and activism, urging listeners to stand up for their rights. It’s a departure from Blinky’s previous work, showcasing a new sonic direction. Meanwhile, “Get The Paper,” the second single, is a quintessential Blinky Bill track, blending funk, hip-hop, and jazz seamlessly, with visuals that elevate the entire experience.

Collaborations on the album emerged from chance encounters and shared musical visions. Tracks like “Constant K” with Fuse ODG and “Compare” with GoldLink are testament to the global connections and creative exchanges that fuel Blinky’s artistry.

Behind the scenes, “We Cut Keys 2” was a labor of love, six years in the making. Mixed by the legendary Commissioner Gordon and mastered by Tony Dawsey, both titans of the industry, the album boasts a level of craftsmanship that ensures a sonic feast for the ears.

Track by track, the album unfolds a diverse array of themes and influences. From introspective musings on identity in “Black On the Keyboard” to the infectious energy of “Ajigo Township Funk” and the soulful reflections of “Fanikishe,” each song offers a unique journey for the listener.

As a bonus, the album includes the reflective “Jam Now, Simmer Down” and the evocative “Voice of Kenya (Outro),” featuring Grammy Award Winner Owuor Arunga, bringing the project to a powerful close.

“We Cut Keys 2” is not just an album; it’s a sonic adventure, a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the rich tapestry of African music. Dive in and let yourself be transported.


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