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Personal Brand Online (Part 2)



The online space is a powerful place for your personal brand to come to life. It is a connection to the global community and marketplace through social media and social networking. It is not a fad or a passing trend. To establish your personal brand online;

  1. Stay genuine: Don’t put on a costume. Showcase your personal brand values e.g friendly, approachable, professional let it show it in the tone, content, images.
  2. Engage and participate in conversation e.g activity in LinkedIn. Don’t do or say anything online that you would not say to someone in person.
  3. Remember everything that happens online is public. This shouldn’t strike fear in you unless you have nefarious intentions. Let it show your passions, interests.
  4. Stay focused on your target audience online. Where are they?
    • If you have a personal brand focused on business leaders and professionals
      spend time on LinkedIn. Add your perspective to conversation.
      Use the tools available to showcase your talent or skills.
    • Are you a creative looking for space and peers on the same?
      Instagram may be more relevant.
    • Facebook will allow you to humanize your brand.
  5. Do an online audit of your profile: Do they match your brand? Are they consistent?
    What do they say about you?

Personal Branding:10 steps toward a new professional you.

  1. Get a professional headshot
  2. Be discoverable online
  3. Have a professional purpose
  4. Learn to listen & practice
  5. empathy
  6. Practice writing
  7. Reengineer your digital
  8. Presence
  9. Analyze your competitors
  10. Craft your personal
  11. branding statement
  12. Embrace and expound your
  13. expertence
  14. Be social by design

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