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Empowering Songs To Listen To Celebrate Women’s Day



Women’s empowerment has been a vital topic of discussion and action in recent years. It has been an essential part of the movement towards gender equality and recognition of women’s rights. One of the most effective ways to spread awareness and inspire women is through music. Music has the power to motivate, inspire and create a sense of unity.

On International Women’s Day, it is essential to celebrate and recognize the contributions of women by listening to empowering songs that promote the message of equality, strength, and independence.

One of the most influential songs that promote women’s empowerment is “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. This song speaks to the power of women and the countless roles they play in society. It has been an anthem for women all over the world since its release in 1978.

Another song that celebrates women’s strength is “A Woman’s Worth” by Alicia Keys. This song reminds women that they are valuable and should be treated with respect and dignity.

In Kenya, there are several songs that promote women’s empowerment. One of the most popular songs is “FemPowerment” by Fena Gitu. This song celebrates the strength and resilience of women and encourages them to stand up for themselves.

Another Kenyan song that promotes women’s empowerment is “Woman” by Victoria Kimani. The song talks about the struggles that women face in society and encourages them to be strong and confident.

In Africa, one of the most influential songs that promote women’s empowerment is “Shekere” by Yemi Alade. The song features Angelique Kidjo and promotes the message of women’s unity and strength. It encourages women to come together and support each other.

Another African song that celebrates women’s strength is “Woman of Steel” by Yemi Alade. The song talks about the resilience and determination of women and encourages them to keep pushing forward. It is a reminder that women are powerful and can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Let us continue to celebrate and support women all over the world, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.

Which song are you adding to your playlist?


‘Barbie’ Is The Highest-Grossing Movie Of 2023



‘Barbie’ has become the highest-grossing movie of 2023.

The blockbuster summer comedy – which stars Margot Robbie as the titular Mattel doll – has reportedly passed ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ at the box office, with Variety revealing that on Saturday (02.09.03), the film has now brought in a total of $1.36 billion since its release in July.

In recent days, ‘Barbie’ also became Warner Bros’ highest-grossing film ever as it passed the record set by ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two’, which was the final instalment of the megahit wizarding franchise based on the magical book series by J.K Rowling.

Greta Gerwig’s smash hit – which also stars Ryan Gosling as Barbie’s boyfriend Ken – was released on the same day as wartime drama ‘Oppenheimer’ and the two films sparked a phenomenon known as Barbeheimer due to their polarity, and the weekend also saw the Christopher Nolan- directed epic become the second-highest-grossing R-rated movie in history.

The biopic which chronicles the career of American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer has now collected a reported $787 million at the box office, meaning that it has overtaken the record set by Ryan Reynolds’ 2018 hit ‘Deadpool 2’, which made $785 million and was also deemed unsuitable for those under the age of 17.

This means that the drama – which was directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Cillian Murphy as the titular wartime hero – is just behind ‘Joker’ on the list of highest-grossing R-rated movies ever, which became the first movie of its kind to surpass the $1 billion mark following its release in 2019.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ currently stands as the third-highest-grossing film of 2023, having taken $845,522,394 at the box office.

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Sonko Wa Maluku



Gone are the days of drab suits and dull ties; Sonko, the former county boss, is writing the fashion rules. With every passing day, he unleashes a burst of style that leaves fashion enthusiasts drooling and fashion critics swooning. It’s a fashion fiesta, and everyone’s invited to the Sonko runway!

Decked out in major brands like Gucci and Luis Vuitton, he struts the streets like a king, commanding attention with every step. His outfits, a symphony of colors and patterns, play a harmonious rhyme, dancing to the rhythm of his confidence. The man knows he’s got it, and he flaunts it – an unapologetic display of self-expression and sartorial delight.

But it’s not just about wearing the best labels; it’s the way Sonko owns each look that sets him apart. His confidence is infectious, spreading like wildfire and igniting a fashion revolution. When he steps out, the city lights up, and the paparazzi go wild, capturing every angle of his outstanding ensemble.

And it’s not just about wearing the clothes; it’s about showcasing his collections too. Sonko knows how to curate his fashion prowess, and like a master storyteller, he narrates tales of glamour through his outfit choices. Each ensemble a chapter, a vibrant page-turner of style evolution that leaves fans begging for more.

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Nimeiva Kuliko Dem Yako



A video showcasing Kenyan musician Kevin Mbuvi Kioko, widely known as Bahati, donning women’s attire has ignited a whirlwind of reactions across the internet. The gospel artist has not only been seen wearing his wife’s clothes but also experimenting with makeup, sparking a wave of criticism and mixed opinions.

In response to Kenyans who urged him to conform to societal norms, Bahati took to Instagram to defiantly proclaim his beauty and shut down his detractors. He wrote, “Unaongea mbaya na nimeiva kuliko dem yako” (You speak ill, yet I am more beautiful than your girlfriend)

While artists occasionally sport unconventional and humorous outfits, it remains unclear whether it’s for publicity or purely entertainment purposes. Concerns have emerged regarding Bahati’s recent trend of wearing his wife, Diana’s clothing, with many speculating about his potential association with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Bahati Ig Page

Several other celebrities, including Erick Omondi, Oga Obina, and Embarambamba, have also been spotted wearing women’s clothes. The entertainment industry continues to be rife with controversies and jaw-dropping transformations that keep fans buzzing and questioning the motives behind these acts.

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