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COVID-19 and your mental health

One and a half years down the line, the world is still battling COVID-19.



The pandemic has devasted a lot of people especially young adults, some have lost their loved ones while others have lost their jobs. As a result, most of us experience loneliness, anxiety, depression, stress, and also nervous breakdowns.

As devastating as COVID-19 has been, the issue of its effects on mental health may last longer than the disease itself and that is why it’s important to learn self-care strategies and get the care you need to cope.

Below are some of the self-care strategy tips that can help improve your mental health.

Take care of your body both Mental/Emotional and Spiritual health

This is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his/her potential while navigating the stresses and difficulties of life.

You need to remain calm and focused while working things out with respect and unconditional intent to find a solution. Ultimately your personal character; personal strength and courage will evolve. Attaining this requires you to make healthy choices in terms of your nutrition, relationships, social contact, work, and leisure activities.

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Avoid peer pressure to taking drugs.

Peer pressure! We all go through it in our lives, sometimes it has positive impacts. However, if you’re a victim of negative peer pressure it can have a negative impact on your mental health during this time of the pandemic.

Be very particular about the peers you have; just have those who fit well in your ideal thinking about career options, hobbies, and interests.

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Limit screen time and take time to relax and recharge.

Set aside time for yourself. Even a few minutes of quiet time can be refreshing and help to quiet your mind and reduce anxiety. Many people benefit from practices such as deep breathing, yoga, and meditation. Listen to music or podcasts, read a book, or go out with your friends while following the preventive measures for COVID-19. Just do something that will help you relax.

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How to use Zoom like a pro

Working from home has become the new normal after, well, Covid. All we need to do is embrace it and use it to our advantage.



Almost everything is held virtually, and this goes for conferences, meetings and seminars too. This doesn’t have to stop you from acing that presentation or interview because applications like Zoom came through for such moments. Now having Zoom is one thing, but knowing how to use its features like a pro is the key to unlocking successful calls.


This feature is a great plus for your presentations. You get to share with other members in the call a PowerPoint you created, or a document and even videos. Some have watched a full movie during those virtual parties thanks to this feature right here.

You can access it by clicking the Share screen icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting screen. Now take note that once you click this option, everyone in the call can see what you are sharing. So mute those notifications, clear your tabs, and you are good to go.

How to Share a Screen on Zoom

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Recently, I conducted a virtual interview for an article I was writing on sexual health advocacy. Recording the whole call came in handy during the writing process for references and quotations. Just like we take records of important events and meetings, Zoom also allows you to do this and have an archive to get back to. On top of the call screen, there’s a recording button which you can click on to save the whole meeting to your device.


If you have to get on a quick call but is worried about your physical background, you can virtually transport yourself to a background of your choice! It could be in space, the beach, an office, and many other options which Zoom avails to its participants.

Simply go to setting, click on Virtual background, and select or upload a background of your choice. Companies have also customized backgrounds to fit that of their company logo which makes it have a more professional look.

How to change your Zoom background | Tom's Guide

Breakout rooms

You can create breakout rooms within a call to create smaller group discussions. For example, if the whole office is in call, each department can have their own rooms to discuss an agenda then get back to the main room for pitches or feedback. Alternatively, this feature is perfect for game nights where the call members each have a team. It brings out the competitiveness and teamwork, making the games successful.

As the meeting host, you can start a breakout room by clicking Account management then Account settings. Under the Meeting tab, click Breakout Room. From there, you can assign participants to their respective rooms.

Beauty filter

If you thought beauty filter was on Instagram and Snapchat only, you thought wrong. Zoom has it too! This is perfect for the days you just need a little touch up to bring out that virtual glow. The ‘Touch Up My Appearance’ feature can be found on the settings button, under video settings. Just like any other beauty filter, it makes your appearance look smooth, and dewy for your calls.



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5 Long distance relationship tips for college students

The point is, the fun doesn’t have to end because you are far apart



Being in love is the best; being in love with someone who is far away, well, is not as smooth as it sounds. Wild guess, you are here because you are in a long-distance relationship. You are still in school and most of the things working against your relationship are beyond your control, for instance, You are in two different schools, which are far apart- probably in different counties. You are therefore scared, nervous, and worried about what will become of you two in the future.

Well, worry not. Below are a few best survivor tips to prevent your sweet world from crumbling.

Make time for them in your schedule

Both of you should make time for each other in your schedules and preferably, agree at the same time in order to prevent one party from being upset when the other cant talk.

Use these times to catch up on Whatsapp videos or skype, just don’t text. Try aiming for three days of 45 minutes per week.

Peg a reward to it

Have something to look forward to at the end of the long-distance. This could either be a vacation, living together, or just a set of to-do lists to keep you excited and motivated.

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Consider date nights together

With all the video apps around, you can’t miss a dinner date or two each week with your other half who is away. Agree on a time schedule that will have both of you eating food at the same time while on a video call.


Give each other something to hold on to. Could be a wristband, necklace, pillow, anything which will help to ease you up once you miss your partner.

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Maintain the sexual spark. But safety first!

While there are many options to explore in order to keep the sexual spark between you two, consider your safety. Video and phone sex in a long-distance relationship might be risky especially at a time when nudes are being leaked left right and center from ex-lovers.

Alternatively, just pay each other visits once or twice a month and get on with it.


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7 Clothing hacks every guy should know

There are always problems with your clothes! Here are tricks to help make your life easier



Earth is hard. Between running up and down, giving a hand where needed, and generally being the bigger person in most situations, the last thing to probably catch your attention is dressing.

With the high prices of men’s clothes, looking your best will cost you more money and of course time. However, below is a list of how you can cut corners without sacrificing so much.

Reverse hangers technique

Hang all your clothes backward. Once you wear a piece of clothing from one, turn it back the other way. In three months, check which hangers are still facing backward. These are the clothes you often don’t wear and can sell them.

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Attaching the keyring to your zipper

That embarrassing moment when you have been walking around with an open zipper! Well, no need to struggle pulling it up each and every time. Simply attach a keyring to the zipper of your pants and you will be good to go.

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Unwrinkle your shirt

No time to iron your shirt in the morning? Hang your shirt near the shower as you take your hot bath. The steam will help unwrinkle your shirt by the time you are done, saving you time.

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Shoes in the freezer

Are you constantly rejecting a friend’s invite to their house after work because of the fear to remove your shoes? Well, consider yourself safe after trying out this hack. If your shoes are constantly removing bad odor, leave them in the freezer for thirty minutes. Do this until the smell goes away. The cold will kill the bacteria that is responsible for the bad smell.

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Getting rid of deodorant marks

Whenever you wear your deodorant before your shirt, you mostly get white deo marks on the shirt. These are usually difficult to get rid of especially because using water will leave your shirt with wet weird patches. Rub fabric softeners on the patch and your problem will be solved!

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Gum on clothes

If you have gum on your clothes, freeze the gum by either putting ice cubes on it, throwing the shirt in a freezer, or using an ice pack. Doing this will solidify the gum and make it come out in one piece.

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Tape your collar

Tape your collars to always look sturdy. Make sure that the tape you are using is double-sided and well-positioned under the collars to keep them down always.

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