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5 incredible uses of vinegar

The next time you are at a grocery store, consider picking a bottle of this pantry because its uses will wow you!



At its most basic level, vinegar is acetic acid that has been mixed with water, trace chemicals, and flavors. To bring it closer to home, it is simply fermented alcohol. To think it was likely unintentionally created a thousand years ago when someone’s attempt at making an alcoholic drink backfired!

While many of them are filled with ingredients such as herbs, spices, and fruits, apple cider and distilled white are the most common. These two types are also the best to go with when it comes to using vinegar for projects not related to cooking. So grab your bottle first before referring to these 5 unexpected uses of this pantry

Insect salve and repellent

A simple dab of vinegar on either an insect or a bug bite will help with the itch and sting. Additionally, it will help in disinfecting the area, reducing the risk of infections. However, be careful not to use any vinegar on raw skin. Apple cider also works as a good insect repellent. Just rub it all over your legs and arms or wherever the bees are swarming.

Getting rid of smoke odors

We have all had that one time when preparing popcorns did not really work for us, leading to a smoke-filled house. Well, vinegar is your plug for such messes. Placing either distilled white or apple vinegar in a bowl at various points of the house will help. Also, if you are uncomfortable with the smell of vinegar, consider adding a few drops of lavender oil (or any other) to it.

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Cleaning Rex’s ears

If your dog’s ears are dirty or seem to be bothering them, mix four tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar and rub it in his or her ears using a clean rug. However, do not do this if there are any cuts or wounds.

Stops cracked eggs

Eggs often crack when dropped in a pot of boiling water, especially if they are coming straight from the fridge.  Adding two tablespoons of vinegar to the water before boiling will help prevent the cracks and also make the eggs easier to peel afterward.

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Making your hair shine

This is an old-time trick that is still touted by many as a way to dissolve shampoo build-up while leaving your hair with a shine. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of white or apple vinegar with one jug of water and pour it over your head and massage it into your roots after you have shampooed. Rinse it very well to get rid of the smell. However, avoid using this rinse every time because after all, vinegar is still acidic.

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“I am Samuel” film banned

The film was produced in 2020 by Toni Kamau which highlights the experiences of Samuel Asilikwa after coming out as a gay man in the streets of Nairobi



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The Kenya Film classification board(KFCB) has announced the ban of a “gay” themed documentary on Samuel Asilikwa, a Kenyan. The film was called “I am Samuel” and was directed by Peter Murimi.

In a statement on Thursday, acting KFCB Chief Executive Officer Chris Wambua said that the ban will be in effect because the film is promoting a “gay theme”

“In the course of examining a film titled: I am Samuel, which was submitted to the Board for classification, the Board noted a clear and deliberate attempt by the producer, to promote same-sex marriages as an acceptable way of life,” Wambua said.

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He went on to say that the same-sex relationship is evident in the film through repeated confessions by the gay couple(in the film) that what they feel for each other is normal and should be embraced as a way of life.

Mr. Wambua also announced that any attempts to air the film with the Kenyan territory in now deemed illegal and any to distribute it within the country shall be met with the full force of the law.

“While the Board welcomes local and foreign support to our budding local film industry, such funding should focus on production of content that is aligned with the laws of our country. Films that advocate for same-sex marriages, homosexuality or any outlawed practices shall not be allowed for exhibition, or distribution within the country,” KFCB said.

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The film was produced in 2020 by Toni Kamau which highlights the experiences of Samuel Asilikwa after coming out as a gay man in the streets of Nairobi. It also shows his experience of rejection from from friends and some family members.


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Be head and shoulder above

Here are some of the most recent American slang to take note of




Even though Kenya is required to communicate using British English that is both written and spoken, many are times when Hollywood has interfered with this reality. Due to the high consumption rate of productions from America, words especially slang words reach the Kenyan audience thus making this article important!

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You can therefore shine with the following American slang words:

Karen; related to the movie Karen, this word describes a white woman who goes on a rampage especially against a person of colour.

Drip; used by the younger generation to describe a well-dressed person

No cap; means not lying

GOAT; is an acronym to mean greatest of all time. Used with artists, athletes to symbolise their contribution in their field.

Thirst trap; this phrase is used to describe a sexy picture posted on social media with the intent to attract the attention of potential suiters

Boomer; is a word used by the younger generation to mean a person from the older generation

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Periodt;  used in affirmative to describe a situation that can only exist in that form according to an individual’s view.

And I oop; this phrase is used when someone says something offensive to means no offense.

Gucci; picked from the high-end fashion brand to mean, fancy, fashionable, good, or excellent.

Finsta; is used to mean a separate, fake Instagram account for memes and close friends.

Simp; is a word used to mean a man who is willing to go to extremes to win the affection of a girl.

Sus; is used as a short form of suspicious.

Yeet; used to describe a precise/sassy throw. Can be used to describe attitude or celebration as well.

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Big mood;  this phrase is used to describe a mood that is relevant to how you are feeling.

Busin; means good.

Gas; means awesome.

Snacc; is a word commonly used to describe an attractive person that could pass for an edible snack.

Smol; is used to describe something extremely small and cute.

Fit; is the short form for outfit.


To list just a few so you are not looking at a whole slang dictionary!

It gets tricky to keep up with the changes that come up in all languages. However, the world should be grateful for content creators and platforms that make it easy for them to keeps us updated.

Nevertheless, for the younger generation, it is important to know that slang has its place and time and it is not a substitute for proper language.


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Know your stars: Real Buggi

This one is another fun one. He is shy!



We keep asking why he can’t do anything with his voice, like singing.

Spoiler: He mentions his girlfriend.

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