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Women do not dress to impress men



Men have never been a factor when it comes to how a woman dresses. Someone put it well, ‘if women wanted to impress men, they would walk around naked’. This is because a woman’s outfit is influenced by so many factors other than what has been previously thought of. For instance:

The mood

The mood of a woman has the number one influence on her outfit choices. For instance, when she is tired and bored she is likely to dress down to show the little effort that went into the outfit. When she is happy and the sun is shining bright in her world you will definitely notice the effort and the fun in her step. Mood goes hand in hand with personality since not every woman dresses colorfully when they are happy nor dull when in a sour mood.

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Occasion also determines the type of outfit a woman pulls out of her closet. Women tend to respect what an occasion requires of them. That is why they become the center of attraction because they aim to do their best to be in compliance with the host’s instructions. Take the MET GALA for example.


Women can be influenced by their upbringing/ culture when it comes to dressing. Women that come from reserved homes are probably to hold on to the values instilled in them at a tender age. Women who were brought up in open-minded homes are likely to incorporate other ideas that will be appealing to them as influenced by the factors mentioned earlier. The same women who were raised in reserved homes may step out of their comfort zone to try something different. It is never a dull day when it comes to women.

Menstruation cycle

This is where the hormones come to play. These are usually released at different times on the menstrual cycle, hence bringing about different bodily changes. For instance, when estrogen levels are high in the body, it causes bloating. In this case, a woman may be self-conscious thus staying away from slim fighting garments. The minute the levels stabilize you will see a side of that woman that you never thought would resurface.

The weather

From heavy outfits to light ones, women consider the weather while choosing their outfits. It is under very few circumstances where they find themselves dressed only for the weather to change on them. In which case, they remedy it instantly.


Pop culture has a lot of influence on the way people dress especially women. In the effort to align with fresh global ideas, women are most likely to learn and dress accordingly.

Having said that, it is about time we should rest the notion that women dress to impress men.

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Beat the July cold with these 5 outfit essentials

‘Hii ni baridi ama fridge?’
Save yourself from this phrase with these essential outfit pieces.



This season’s cold has been deemed unbearable with some asking if we are in a fridge. Though we’ve found a way to make light of the situation, the cold is indeed biting, some places more than others. This does not mean you have to freeze. Fight back the cold with these warm outfit essentials:


Socks have never felt so underrated. Though we sometimes wear them as a statement piece in our crocs outfits, socks have really come through this cold season. Get thick ones to wear them with your day to day outfits.


You can’t help yourself from constantly rubbing you hands together in this season. This, with the notion that it keeps your body warm. Though it’s true, gloves keep you twice as warm. Your hands will be warm throughout and so will your body.


Have you seen the mud that has come with this rain? Exactly. This is really not the time to put on your favourite white air force sneakers. Save the drip for later and get yourself some leather boots. Ankle-high, knee-high or thigh-high boots also come in handy for the warmth with the extra coverage it gives your freezing skin.


It is not a complete cold season outfit without a warm scarf around your neck. No matter how warm you are, if your neck is bare, then you’re cold. Scarfs and pull necks come in handy at this point.

Beanie hat

During cold seasons, our ears suffer the most. We thank beanie hats for their capability to cover up to our ears. A great way to tackle this fridge weather is getting yourself a beanie to save your ears.

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The hair care industry needs a code of conduct

‘Thou shalt not bring damage to another person’s hair’ and many other rules should be put in place just to protect the hair of the African woman. The hair every woman wears with pride and joy should be protected and taken care of well




The African woman’s hair has been for a long time subjected to destructive methods in the name of looking good. Methods like heat use, tight hairstyles, and lack of knowledge when it comes to achieving its potential have been used repeatedly, causing dire irreversible consequences to the hair and in turn causing emotional damage to the bearer.

This can be attributed to the fact that hairdressing was regarded as a purposeless venture, that could be carried out by anyone regardless of their inexperience. Until recently when it has become an art to be admired and sought after.

However, still, this trade is being conducted by inexperienced individuals, who bring damage to the hair of their client as opposed to according it the treatment it deserves for its prosperity.

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That is why a code of conduct would be necessary; a written policy that guides the treatment hair is supposed to receive and the penalty attracted in case of any carelessness and violation. This code of conduct should include things like:

Thou shall establish your client’s hair handling history before proceeding to their request (This improves the decision-making process on how to proceed in order to achieve best results)

Thou shall establish a healthy hair routine with your client (This may include how often they moisturise, shampoo, and oil their hair).

Thou shall advise your client on the necessary treatments that will boost the potential of the hair (It is very likely to attend to a client who has insufficient knowledge on hair care. It is therefore up to the hair expert to ensure the client is aware of all the healthy hair options available and how they will work in her favor).

Thou shall provide your client with several options of products to use with clear instructions for best results.

Thou shall not burden the client with heavy hairstyles (The hair being at the top of the entire head means its weight is bone by the rest of the body. Making it even heavier is catastrophic for your client and their daily activities)

Thou shall keep heat away from a client’s hair unless deemed necessary (Hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein. Heat is known to denature proteins. Therefore, excessive use of heat on hair is likely to lead to its brittleness which then breaks away thus undermining all efforts to retain length)

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Thou shall be the expert when it comes to hair care (Make sure to inform yourself on the critical information and trends on hair care. Take a master class if possible to understand how best to care for hair in order to deliver the best of services and to allow your client achieve their goal)

Thou shall keep tabs on your client’s hair development journey (walking the journey with your client is the one thing they need in order to uphold the standards you are setting for them. Clients are likely to be lax when it comes to ensuring a regimen is followed. Be ready to offer any advice in case of a challenge)

Thou shall deep condition your client’s hair during all her consultations (Deep condition is the reinforcement the hair needs to grow stronger against external pressure. Deep conditioning should become second nature)

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Thou shall protect your client’s hairline and scalp at all costs (Do not force neatness by straining the baby hairs on your clients hairline. A damaged hairline is very difficult to repair and it diminishes a woman’s view of her beauty)

The above would make for a good foundation when it comes to hair care. These provide the basic requirements for hair care, due to the consideration for the general health of the scalp and hair strands.

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Hydrate, you’ll glow different!




It is said water covers three quarters of the earth’s surface, it could be the same case with our bodies. Most of our organs are made up of water or depend on water for functionality. Especially with the knowledge that bloods flows in every single one of them. Therefore, it is just important that you consider taking enough water so your body can function optimally. So how exactly does water get you the glow?

  • It burns stored up fats: The first step of metabolizing fat is hydrolysis. This occurs when water molecules interact with triglycerides (fats) to create glycerol and fatty acids which are the simplest form of fat therefore can easily be eliminated. When excess fats are eliminated from your skin/body you are likely to manage acne and white heads that deteriorate the outlook of your skin. Thus the glow!
  • Flashes toxins out of you urinary system: The body through the kidneys gets rid of excess salts and amino acids thus leaving the body with only the necessary amount. These components when left in the body have a destructive effect to other organs like the skin which then appears dry.
  • Aids in bowel movements: Lack of bowel movement can be frustrating. To avert this, water is required. It provides the necessary lubrication for stool movement. Frequent bowel movement makes one look lighter and healthier. Accumulated dirt in your bowel also reflects on the dullness of your skin.
  • Gives you a youthful skin: Dehydration makes skin prone to wrinkles and other skin conditions. Taking enough water is necessary in keeping the skin succulent.
  • Improves breathe: You glow different when your breathe is fresh as a result of water intake. Water clears food debris from your mouth thus lowering the activity of bacteria in your mouth. This boosts confidence and allows one to express themselves.
  • Improves vision: There is a glow in being able to utilize all your senses optimally. The eyes especially. They serve a very important role of directing the rest of the body therefore they ought to be in tip top shape. This can only be achieved with enough intake of water. Dehydration can alter the physiological balance inside the eye and has been associated with some types of vision loss such as glaucoma, cataract, vitreous detachment and uveitis.

Therefore, no matter what you do on a day to-day basis, make sure to incorporate your water intake schedule.

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