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Street food you are missing out on

Nothing carries the Kenyan culture high than its amazing street food. Each region has unique dishes with special recipes that date from way back. The thing about street food is that it is affordable and quick to prepare.



Street food is something you get when you want a quick snack during your usual errands. One time a friend told me “The dust street foods are exposed to is what makes them slap differently from similar homemade dishes” and I have never agreed more. You could try and recreate these meals at home but it wouldn’t turn out the same and that’s just the power of street food.

When looking for street food, you can’t miss vendors lined up selling a variety of foodstuff by the roadside. Find a clean vendor to buy from and focus on the general hygiene of the environment. As much as they are heavenly meals, street food has a high rate of causing stomach upset and could book you a night in the toilet.

With that in check, here are some street foods you could be missing out on;

Boiled eggs

Referred to as ‘mayai boilo’, boiled eggs from the streets hit a certain nerve you never thought existed. Kenyan musician, Mejja, in the Cheza kama wewe song he featured sings a common phrase loved by boiled egg lovers that goes, “Yule ni mse wa mayai? Muite mwambie agonge mbili.” You will find Kenyans singing along to this phrase once this song comes on and it shows the influence street boiled egg has on people. You can dress it with salad and tomato sauce to ignite its flavors. Street boiled eggs usually go at twenty shillings.

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Roasted maize

The very famous ‘mahindi choma’. You can’t miss this in any estate you visit. Roasted maize is one of the oldest street foods. It is a good meal to jog your jawline and pass time on a chill day. The secret ingredient of good maize is the chili powder on a half-cut lemon you apply to the maize. Talk about tantalizing juices. Roasted maize is very affordable with full cobs going for twenty or thirty shillings.

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You can’t mention street food in Kenya without adding Mtura to the list. This meal has stemmed from Kenyan roots and is a favorite among many. Usually set up in front of butcheries or independently, Mtura vendors are found everywhere. The trick is to order small bits and keep them coming. Do not order a one-hundred-shilling mtura all at once. Start with twenty shillings, then another twenty till you’ve had enough which I doubt one can with the dish. Mtura is famously eaten with Kachumbari and a bit of salt.

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Smokie pasua

Smokie is one thing, but ‘smokie pasua’ is another. Smokie pasua is smokie divided in half and kachumbari added to it. The flavors in this combo drown your taste buds in greatness and you can’t get satisfied with one. Even two. You can find them everywhere and are usually twenty-five to thirty shillings depending on your location.

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When we thought we had exhausted ways to eat smokies, smocha came into the picture. Now, smocha is basically smokie pasua wrapped in chapati. I know, I know, your mouth is probably watering at the thought of this meal and yes, it is that good. Recently, memes of people wanting to serve smochas at their weddings have circulated the internet. I’d be happy to attend your wedding if this is your plan, please add me to the guest list.

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We have come to the end of my top 5. Yes, I have tried all of them and it’s the best thing ever. If you don’t take street food, you are missing out big time. Which street food would you like others to try?

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Robert Alai assaults Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone and Alai have this afternoon engaged in a scuffle that might have gotten the blogger arrested.




Gospel superstar Ringtone Apoko was this afternoon involved in a car accident with the renowned blogger Robert Alai. The accident which happened in Kilimani caused the two to engage in a road rage. Several video that have been shared on social media show Alai’s car having blocked Ringtone’s whose window is broken and smeared with blood

Robert Alai, was seen emerging out of his Subaru legacy with a wooden club otherwise known as rungu with an attempt to assault Ringtone. On the other hand Ringtone who had blood splattered on the right side of his face took to making a scene by climbing on top of his range rover while protesting the incident at the top of his voice. He later on climbed down to picket on lookers who had been attracted by the fracas surrounding the incident.

According to officials familiar with the situation, the two accused each other of obstruction in a scuffle that began on Loitoktok Road and spread to Dennis Pritt and Likoni Roads.

Allegedly Alai has been arrested and is being detained at Kilimani Police Station for assaulting Ringtone with his club.

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In the apology, Harmonize acknowledged that him siring a baby out of wedlock was the main cause of their break up.

In response the Italian wrote on her Instagram stories that it is important for one to apologize when one realizes he has done a mistake. However, this short statement did not clearly show where she stands with regards to forgiving Harmonize.

Harmonize and ex-wife Sarah

Sarah dumped Harmonize back in December 2020 where she revealed that she had been through ups and downs with ‘Konde boy’ for the four years they had been together.

She also added that the hit maker was a liar who did not appreciate people who help him.

Harmonize has also dedicated a song to his ex-wife and it will feature in his next album.

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Birthday ideas with little or no money

Broke birthdays do not have to be bad birthdays. Make the most of it!



Unfortunately, it’s not every year your birthday will find you balling. This does not mean you should not enjoy this day to the fullest. It’s your birthday! And it happens only once a year. The good news however, is that you do not need lots of money, or any money at all to celebrate your birthday. Here’s how you can still make it special and memorable;


Prepare meals you can pack easily, buy a bottle of your favorite drink and have a picnic setup. You can invite your friends or family for this and have them bring food for the picnic. This gives you an all-you-can-eat buffet without even trying! The trick to picnics is a serene environment and a great view.

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Bake a cake

When you really think about it, baking a cake is not hard. I did this for my 21st birthday and it turned out really good. I labelled myself ‘chef’ for a whole month and baked many more cakes afterwards. Thanks to YouTube, you can find many simple recipes to start you off. The decorating part is the best!

Movie marathon

Drop everything and have a movie marathon by yourself or with friends. Have a lazy day and binge your favorite series while snacking to some pizza, popcorn, crisps and wine!

Window shopping

Manifest on the good things you would have bought for yourself on your birthday by window-shopping at your favorite store. Check out the prices, create a wish list and save up for next time. You might even find something affordable and get yourself a gift.

Game night

Game nights are the ultimate broke party to-do-list. Make a list of interesting games you and your friends could play and invite them over for a party. They can bring snacks and extra games to make it more fun. This is a great way to spend time with your friends on your birthday.

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Helping others comes with a feeling of fulfillment and peace. You get to know you made a difference in someone’s life and this, really, is a mood you want for your birthday. Organize things you do not use and give them out to the needy. You can also attend charity events and help plant trees, make an environment clean and spend time with other volunteers.

Make a gratitude list

Getting to celebrate your birthday is a blessing in itself. Make a gratitude list acknowledging the good things and people you have in your life. Take note of milestones you have reached, and give a big thank you to God. It is also a great time to set goals for the new age and year.

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