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The old con tricks are back

With every passing day fraudsters update their tricks in order to be steps ahead of their targets. Recently we have heard and read of cases of the bank accounts of the dead being wiped clean. When this happens to an institution like the bank it raises a lot of concern. It means that fraudsters are getting smarter.



When a victim in tears narrates the oldest trick in the book then it means that it is about time the prey relearned their survival tack ticks.

Just the other day a girl was seen in town near Kenya National Archives narrating her ordeals to bystanders. She had just been coned by a duo comprising a young man and an old man of about 80 years. She said that as she was on her way to school, the young man who was also walking in the same direction as her overtook her then suddenly bent down to pick something. She wasn’t keen so she didn’t know why the guy had bent down suddenly until he moved closer to her and showed her a bundle in a brown envelope.

The young man who later on introduced himself as Ken flipped the envelope exposing a Ksh.1000 note. This shocked the young lady who according to the bystanders was called Mary. Mary had never seen that amount of -what she concluded to be money before so she was gladdened at her luck on that day. However Ken then warned her that that wasn’t their money, it belonged to the old man who was a few steps ahead of them.

Ken, therefore, convinced Mary to accompany him to return the money to the old man, citing that Mary’s youthful face would be more trustworthy than his. Consequently, they hastened their pace in order to catch up with the old man who seemed oblivious of his apparent loss.

“Hello mzee,” Mary inquired. “Young lady, how are you? How may I help you?” Mzee Kawi answered.

Mary began by explaining that mzee Kawi had dropped his money which she was now holding since Ken claimed he needed her help with that. Mzee Kawi looked down at the brown envelope then suddenly with a flashed look started inspecting through his pockets.

Finally, his face shone with gratitude when he realised that what he was searching for was now in Mary’s delicate hands. Mzee Kawi snatched the envelope from Mary’s hand without any further hesitation. Upon tucking the envelope underneath his armpit, he passionately grabbed Mary’s hand and shook it vigorously as he repeatedly shouted thank you.

Once he had shown Mary enough gratitude, he turned to Ken and also said thank you. Before Mary could leave to resume her day’s plan of attending school, Mzee Kawi called on her. “Mary, I need your help to bank this money. My grandson who is my only living relative is at the university, therefore I need to pay school fees for him,” Mzee Kawi pleaded as he produced documents that contained the bank details of the university where his alleged grandson attended.

Mary inspected the documents and realised they were legitimate. As she was about to start walking in the direction of the bank, Mzee Kawi summoned her back. He told her that he needed to hold on to Mary’s bag for assurance that she wouldn’t run away with his money. Since there was already established trust, Mary gave him her bag which had two laptops one for her and one for a friend who had left it at her place during a sleepover.

It was morning hours therefore the tellers at the bank were not busy when Mary walked into the bank. She walked straight to teller 1 who greeted her joyfully and asked how he could help. Mary handed him the documents, as well as the brown, envelope followed by an explanation of the transaction to be done. The teller took the items and proceeded to open the envelope, only to find printing papers that were consistently sized like the Ksh.1000.

The teller looked up from the papers to Mary who had been looking around the bank as she hoped the teller would be done soon. When her eyes met with the teller’s she could tell something was off but could not put her finger on exactly what it was. The teller then picked up his telephone receiver, pressed one button then said one word “come” then hang up.

The teller had summoned the bank security who on arrival, asked Mary to accompany them to a small office. In that office, Mary cried as she narrated what transpired as the realisation of her loss dawned on her.

The bank’s security let her go but Mary did not know what to do since the same bag that had been stolen by Mzee Kawi and Ken had her phone and her monthly allowance.

The bystanders who were listening to Mary promised to help although, suspiciously.

Moral of the story: stay woke, they think you have forgotten their old tricks since you expect the trade to have advanced by now. Additionally, it could be that a new crop of fraudsters is on internship and you are its target.

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LARRY Madowo continues to soar

Larry Madowo has many Kenyan calling upon his god to remember them too. His career journey has been one of triumph, from one success to the next. Here is an update from his latest win




Larry Madowo, the former NTV news anchor, has been elevated to CNN International Correspondent. He made this announcement via social media by changing his bio. This new positions means that Madowo will be covering News beyond Nairobi. Prior to working at CNN, Madowo served as the BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington.

He left BBC in May after being poached by CNN. The news of him joining CNN was broken by Deborah Rayner, Senior Vice President of International news gathering and Managing Editor, Europe, Middle East and Africa, for CNN International.

Madowo has previously played the role of fill-in anchor for the network’s flagship BBC World News America show that airs globally and on PBS stations across the United States.

In other news regarding Larry Madowo. He recently made news when he expressed his disappointment in the way the Covid-19 vaccine had been distributed globally. This was in light of the health condition of his grandmother who he said had been on ventilators for four weeks at the time of the interview. He said that the distribution process was slow and it was inconsiderate of the poor which had seen him lose a number of relatives to the pandemic.

“Every time I see a call from home, my heart sinks. I always fear that they’re ringing to say that my grandmother has died.” said Madowo during his CNN report.

He also narrated how he lost his uncle to the novel corona-virus. He disclosed that his uncle, Justus, had not been vaccinated because Kenya had not yet received enough vaccines.

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Lewis Hamilton back to winning ways at Silverstone

t the Copse corner at Silverstone, one of the fastest corners of the championship, Lewis collided with Max hitting his (Max) rear right tire forcing him out of the track and into the barriers at high speed.



Despite a 10-second penalty after a collision with Max Verstappen, Hamilton fought back to victory closing in on the championship leader

British and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton took the chequered flag at his home circuit, Silvertstone, in front a 140K capacity crowd. Drama ensued right at lap one when Max Verstappen of Red bull tried to defend his position from the surging Lewis, whom was wheel-to-wheel as from turn one.

At the Copse corner at Silverstone, one of the fastest corners of the championship, Lewis collided with Max hitting his (Max) rear right tire forcing him out of the track and into the barriers at high speed.

Collision between Lewis and Max at the Copse Corner

The safety car was brought in and eventually the race was red-flagged to allow the wreckage to be cleared. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc led the race at the restart in front of Hamilton and Bottas. He held his position for a good stint as Hamilton still had to serve a 10-second penalty for his collision.

However, Hamilton continued to hunt for the win and was able to overtake Leclerc, who had developed power unit issues, at the same corner he had a collision with Max. The 7-time F1 World Champion held on to his position to win at Silverstone for the 8th time.

Lewis Hamilton after crossing the finish line

The result puts Hamilton 8 points behind Max Verstappen who is currently leading the championship standings.

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England loses on home soil as cup goes to Rome

Italy wins the Euro 2020 final in style leaving England players in despair at Wembley Stadium with over 60,000 fans watching from the stands.



England’s hopes of lifting a major trophy in 55 years suffered another huge setback as they lost the Euro 2020 final to Italy at Wembley Stadium. In a night that saw emotions run high, tension building among fans and players giving there best, in the end, there was only going to be one winner.

All teams came out heads high and England opened the scoring in the 2nd minute through a stunning volley by Luke Shaw as he made history for the fastest goal in a Euro final. Italy were not ready to go down easily as they found an equalizer through Leonardo Bonucci who become the oldest player to score in a Euro final.

Italy celebrate their equalizer against England yesterday PHOTO:COURTESY

There was no change in scores after the final whistle forcing the game into extra time where both teams improvised new tactics to break the defense lines on both sides. There was still a stalemate at the end of the 30 minutes of extra-time, which took the game to a penalty shoot out.

The shoot out began well for both teams, but misses from Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka saw ‘The Azzuris’ claim their second European championship trophy and made it 34 games consecutive without tasting defeat under the leadership of Roberto Mancini.

Italy’s Donnarumma celebrates with his teammates after saving Saka’s penalty PHOTO:COURTESY

“It was impossible even to just consider this at one stage, but the guys were just amazing. I have no words for them, this is a wonderful group.” said Mancini.

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