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6 types of men you should avoid



Most of us ignore some unacceptable behaviors in some men with the hope that they will fade away. If you have already been in a toxic relationship,you will be more alert before getting into another on. Be on the look-out for and avoid the following types of men like a plague:


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An abusive guy will be overly hot-tempered and his actions very unpredictable. Ignoring this sign will mean getting into an abusive relationship. On the sidelines, observe how he handles arguments with his close friends and family. You can also notice how he treats strangers especially when he’s ticked off. If he can get either physically or emotionally aggressive with strangers then he can definitely get aggressive with you as well. On instances where you have feel like you’re being manipulated by a guy, cut ties with him completely. Manipulation in itself is a form of abuse.

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This type of guy will never want to do anything and will make you clean his mess. In other extreme cases he will expect you to take up most, if not all, of his responsibilities. You will notice this behavior at the beginning of your relationship.Let this man step up as a man before getting into a serious relationship with him. Don’t baby him in the genesis or else you’ll play mama role for the rest of your lives.

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The unambitious guy never has a plan and is, instead, always complaining. He will often talk up his game with zero results. Guys with this kind of trait are good at telling a woman what she wants to hear just to lure her into a relationship. To counter such men,challenge them to take up small challenges and see how they handle them. Trust me, you’ll know if he’s genuine sis!


Don’t be flattered if he’s continuously keeping tabs on your every move. Him wanting to be with you every single day of the week is a cause for alarm. This is definitely not love but obsession. Before getting into a romantic commitment with such a man notice some of this red flags.He will dislike your friends and make you cancel your plans  to be with him.

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A guy who is  needy will never let you have alone time and will bombard your personal space with his insecurities. A needy guy is a kind of man who will be emotionally unstable and will always bring you down just so he can boost both his ego and esteem.


He is always unreliable because this type of man is the father of lame excuses and will never put in any effort. This type of guy will make promises that he can’t keep and will lie to your face. This guy will not be honest with his personal issues and will close off some bits of his life from you. If he can’t be candid with you then he’s not worth the risk and sacrifice.


Tanasha Donna finally opens up on breakup with Diamond   



Tanasha Donna has today finally opened up about her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. The 24-year old mother of one took to Facebook to share with her fans the reasons behind the breakup with Tanzanian music star Diamond.

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Ghetto Radio

The radio presenter  and singer said she believed Diamond had changed his bad behaviours and had turned over a new leaf but that was not the case.

“I believed this man is a changed person but his actions proved me wrong,” she said.

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Tanasha recently unfollowed Diamond platnumz on Instagram and even went a step further to delete his pictures from her social media page. She expressed regret at having to part ways with Diamond’s family as they had grown close during the duration of her relationship with Diamond.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to Dangote’s family. Heartbreaking news, it’s over between the two of us. God knows why this had to happen. Let me move on with my life,” part of the post read.

Tanasha and Diamond have been dating for close to a year now and have a baby together. The couple seemed to be getting on well and had even released a song together called Gere before things went south.

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Kenyans reaction to the breakup

Kenyans had mixed reactions as some rushed to console Tanasha while others admonished her. Hundreds of comments poured in from shocked fans who had been following the couple closely.

“That is not the end of the world, Zari did the same. She moved on too. Don’t stress yourself. These days women are working harder and harder to live peaceful lives,” Yuppamungu Damale commented.

“But you harakishad things even the ancestors were so annoyed. You knew very well Diamond was a community hubby and he is still the same,” Clementine Toto said.

“Excellent Tanasha, it’s really heartbreaking but life goes on. Let God deal with his karma. Only you, him and God knows what you have been going through,” Abrah Swabrah said.



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Things to consider before getting into a relationship



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Relationships have been given such a bad rep with most young people getting into them for the wrong reasons. We look at six things everyone needs to consider before getting into a romantic relationship:

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If you’re over your ex

This should be your first question before getting into a romantic relationship. You never want to get into a new relationship with so much baggage from your former relationship holding you back. Heal, take your time and get over your previous relationship. It is absolutely okay to cut ties with your ex so as to start your healing process. Additionally, avoid getting into any romantic commitment right after a break-up. This situationship also known as rebound love will not last for long and will only makes things worse. Getting over your ex fully will not be easy but make sure to trust your instincts;you will know when you’re ready.

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If you’re in it for the right reasons

Most people get into relationships thinking it’s all roses and diamonds until an argument ensues and they flee. Knowing and understanding the motive behind getting into a relationship is paramount. Don’t get into a long-term commitment because of money, looks, fame or other superficial factors. All these things are variables and can end at any time. Get into a relationship if you love your partner and are willing to stand by them through the good and the bad. I’m not telling you to get into a marriage scenario,no, I’m just showing you the intensity that is necessitated in a relationship.

If it is something long-term

If you’re getting into a commitment for the fun of it or for the title, then you’re not in it for the long-run. Sadly in today’s society young people are dating for just a day and calling it quits thereafter. Long-term relationships are not founded on this but on love, patience and sacrifice. The maturity that comes with two people overcoming an argument and pushing through a relationship cannot be understated. Don’t get into a relationship If you don’t think you can be in it for a long time.

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If you and your partner are compatible

Guys nowadays just meet up for a day or two and jump right into a relationship like they are hoping on a bus, easy right?. Get to know your partner, go on dates, know his or her family. It’s never too late to save yourself from a bad relationship. This is aided by a individuals asking each other the hard questions on the first dates. Don’t wait till day 786 while you’re already in a relationship to know your deal breakers.  Don’t shy away from getting every detail possible on these dates as they will give you a clear picture of what you want and what you can compromise on in a relationship.

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Signs the relationship is over (even if they don’t say it)



A  lot can go on in relationships making you question if you want to still be with your partner or vice versa. Sometimes the relationship may have ended without you even knowing! This can happen when you are dating someone who doesn’t want to tell you it’s over for various reasons.

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They may not want to hurt your feelings or may just be cowards who don’t have the courage to say it’s over, so they use their actions instead until you get the message. Below are various signs the relationship may be over:

When you’re the only one initiating conversations

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A healthy relationship consists of healthy and constant communication between the two parties involved. If you are the only one initiating communication and if you don’t start they can go for weeks without ever reaching out, the relationship is as good as dead. More so if you have talked about this issue but they haven’t put in effort to change. If someone loves you, they will find time to communicate with you no matter how busy they are. It’s not pleasant to be in a situation where you’re the only one who cares whether the relationship works or not.


If you have been texting or calling your significant other and they haven’t been replying for more than two weeks, this is not a good sign. Some people choose the easy way out and cut off communication with their lovers for good, without giving reasons. They just completely avoid any communication and hope you’ll get the message that the relationship is over. If you’ve not received any response for a whole week and you are sure they have their phone and have received your messages, just move on.

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Treating you badly

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If they stop being kind and begin abusing you, this is a clear indication that something’s up. Some people lack courage to say how they feel but actions speak louder than words. When they have stopped loving you, it will be difficult for them to pretend and they will probably stop doing loving things. If they don’t have time for you anymore, they start verbally or physically abusing you, they don’t do special things they once did for you or they just start avoiding your company, this is a bad sign. If you’re not happy anymore in the relationship and it looks like they’ve completely changed for the worst, don’t stay.

They start seeing someone else

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Some people never say a relationship is over, they just start entertaining other people, going out on dates with them or posting pics while displaying PDA. You may even find out they’ve moved on from mutual friends or family members who are close to them. If you suspect you’ve been replaced, just ask them calmly and find truthful answers.

When you start asking yourself these questions

Intuition is a powerful gift. If you start suspecting there might be something wrong in your relationship, there probably is.

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