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Kenyan celebrities who’ve been cheated on



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When it comes to matters of the heart, perhaps the biggest betrayal comes in form of cheating and, no doubt, breaking a significant other’s trust is a deal breaker for many. It is not uncommon to hear stories of infidelity and celebrities have not been spared. Theirs can even be worse because it’s all experienced in the public and with nowhere to hide, they have to deal with the pain and humiliation as the nation watches. Some celebrities who have revealed that their lovers have cheated on them include;

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Classic 105

Diana Marua

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Diana may look like she has an amazing life full of luxuries and happiness just by looking at her social media posts. However, this strong woman has gone through a lot and even managed to show up to work completely heartbroken after finding her ex-boyfriend pants down with another woman. Diana revealed in a YouTube post that on the same morning they were going to shoot the Mapenzi video with Bahati, she found her boyfriend naked with another woman. She cried her heart out, composed herself and turned up for the shoot as a video vixen. She broke up with him and is now happily married to gospel singer Kelvin Bahati.

Lilian Muli

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In November 2019, Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli accused her husband Jared Ombongi of being a serial cheater and labelled him a community husband. She took to social media to say he had cheated on her. Barely two months after dumping him, they got back together after working through their differences. Jared is the father of Lilian Muli’s second born.

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Jackie Matubia

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The former Tahidi High actress and presenter of Chatspot on Switch TV, came under scrutiny after her husband was accused of cheating. Edgar Obare, who covers celebrity sandals on his YouTube channel, shared screenshots of women claiming to have slept with Matubia’s husband Kennedy Njogu. Jackie Matubia came out to say they had separated in March 2019, but the women claimed they had been seeing her husband as far back as 2017.

Terrence Creative and Milly Chebby

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Comedian Terrence Creative confessed to having cheated on his wife Milly. Asked on Instagram whether he had cheated on his wife, the comedian replied in the affirmative.
“Yes I did, and through it I’ve learnt my lesson. Milly and I will talk about it someday.” He said. When asked why he cheated on his wife, he blamed it on the devil.
“Shetani huja kwa njia mingi, ashindwe kabisaa. Akii sitarudia tena.” He vowed.


New movie alert or nah?



A movie poster by the title Escape is doing rounds on social media and has caused a frenzy. The reason? It features three of the greatest criminal masterminds recent in movie/film history. Supposedly directed by ‘Dilichi’ the poster features Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofield from Prison break, James Spader aka Reddington from The Blacklist and  Alvaro Morte  aka The Professor from Money Heist.

The film which is supposedly meant to air on streaming service Netflix has fans of the three shows excited over the three criminal geniuses working together. Naturally, the poster elicited reactions from thousands of social media users with many wondering why they have not spotted the seemingly action-filled movie on the platform until the poster’s creator revealed the truth.

Much to the disappointment of many, the poster is not real and is merely wishful thinking by visual artist @TheDilichi on Twitter.

However,  fans are already rallying for the three actors to come together and work on a similar project.



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Tanasha Donna finally opens up on breakup with Diamond   



Tanasha Donna has today finally opened up about her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. The 24-year old mother of one took to Facebook to share with her fans the reasons behind the breakup with Tanzanian music star Diamond.

Matokeo ya picha ya tanasha and diamond news

Ghetto Radio

The radio presenter  and singer said she believed Diamond had changed his bad behaviours and had turned over a new leaf but that was not the case.

“I believed this man is a changed person but his actions proved me wrong,” she said.

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Tanasha recently unfollowed Diamond platnumz on Instagram and even went a step further to delete his pictures from her social media page. She expressed regret at having to part ways with Diamond’s family as they had grown close during the duration of her relationship with Diamond.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to Dangote’s family. Heartbreaking news, it’s over between the two of us. God knows why this had to happen. Let me move on with my life,” part of the post read.

Tanasha and Diamond have been dating for close to a year now and have a baby together. The couple seemed to be getting on well and had even released a song together called Gere before things went south.

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Kenyans reaction to the breakup

Kenyans had mixed reactions as some rushed to console Tanasha while others admonished her. Hundreds of comments poured in from shocked fans who had been following the couple closely.

“That is not the end of the world, Zari did the same. She moved on too. Don’t stress yourself. These days women are working harder and harder to live peaceful lives,” Yuppamungu Damale commented.

“But you harakishad things even the ancestors were so annoyed. You knew very well Diamond was a community hubby and he is still the same,” Clementine Toto said.

“Excellent Tanasha, it’s really heartbreaking but life goes on. Let God deal with his karma. Only you, him and God knows what you have been going through,” Abrah Swabrah said.



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American rapper Megan Thee Stallion sues record label



Megan Thee Stallion, the American rapper behind platinum-selling record ‘Hot girl summer’ is suing her record label to get off her contract.

Megan, real name Megan Ruth Pete, is suing 1501 Certified Entertainment claiming that the record label is preventing her from releasing her music, news she first shared on Instagram. The singer also took to Twitter to share her frustrations on the contract’s terms which highly favoured the label over the artist.

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According to the rapper, 1501 would take 60% of Megan’s earnings as well as nearly all of her touring income while expecting her to pay for featured artists and sound mixers and engineers with the remainder. Additionally, her lawsuit claimed the label had made ‘false representations’ about the company that at 20 years, she could not have understood.


The situation attracted mixed reactions with some internet users faulting Megan for not reading the contract properly while others sided with her. Defending herself, the rapper claimed that although she read the contract she only came to understand the implications last year when she got new management.

Fans rallied behind the rapper and singer with #FreeTheeStallion calling out the record label and anticipating her new music.

Thankfully, Megan got reprieve after a judge granted a temporary order. This allows her to release new music on March 6. The judge’s ruling also reportedly prevents 1501 from threatening Megan on social media.

Other stars who have fallen prey to greedy record labels include Taylor Swift and legendary singer Prince. The latter had  to re-record all her hits while Prince took to writing ‘slave’ on his face with eyeliner.

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