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10 Celebrity-inspired budget hairstyles to try today



After splurging throughout the holiday season we all experience the harsh ‘Njaanuary’ as the money runs low. However, that doesn’t have to translate to your hair as well. There’s absolutely not going to be bad hair days with the following celebrity-inspired budget hairstyles. It is also important to note that prices vary depending on where you get them done or how complicated the technique is.

Box Braids

Box braids are normally large in size but can vary based on personal preferences. Created using a three-strand technique, you can style them in square or triangle partings for the perfect finish. Leave out your baby hairs as braiding them can lead to major hair breakage.  This hairstyle will make you look glam without you breaking the bank;. Jhene Aiko makes this triangle partings look so perfect.

Image result for celebrity in box braid

HuffPost- Jhene Aiko

Havana Twists

These twists are similar to Marley twists but the twists are double and sometimes triple the size of a typical single Marley twists. Havana are perfect but if you don’t want a fuller head make the partings bigger. For a more natural look don’t use the square or triangle partings. Matching the extension to your hair colour also gives it a natural finish.
Image result for havana twists brandy

Fashion Style Nigeria- Brandy


Cornrows are so easy to install that you can just do them yourself at the comfort of your home. This simple style of hair braiding entails the hair being braided closely to the scalp to make a raised row. You can braid them in your natural hair or use hair extensions in your favorite pattern.

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Ghana Braid

These are like cornrows but are plaited into a ponytail or down the back of the neck. You can design it in your favorite patterns by playing around with the braid sizes. Like Keke Palmer go for a bold maroon or a bold color of your choice to compliment your face.

Image result for keke palmer ghana braids

All Things Hair-Keke Palmer

Chunky Faux Locs

This has been a 2019 hairdo favorite for many women worldwide. The natural look that comes with faux locs is to be coveted as they create an illusion of dreadlocks. They are great if  you’re not ready to lock your natural hair.Faux locs are a definite 2020 hairstyle and what better way to rock them as chunky as you can. Don’t  overdo the sectioning and make the parting as large as you can for a more natural look . Rihanna looks absolutely stunning in this and what better way to start the year with these locs.

Image result for rihanna chunky faux locs"

Rihanna faux locs- Photo:Pinterest

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Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are formed from twisting two strands using the Kanekelon hair giving it a smoother look and texture. Try these twists in  your favorite hair color and style decorate it with beads for a bold finish.


Image result for senegalese twists gabrielle

Yahoo-Gabrielle Union


Crochet Braids

Crotchet braids is not only a budget-inspired hairdo but also a protective hairstyle. The hair is first cornrowed then using a crotchet hook, synthetic hair is attached to the braid. it mostly has a puffy Afro finish. If you don’t want the puff  reduce the number of braid hair to be crocheted make the cornrows bigger.  The beauty of this hairstyle is that you can attach pre-braided or loc’d extensions.

Image result for crochet braids kelly

Pinterest-Kelly Rowland


Micro Braids

At the mention of micro braids , one can be discouraged due to a longer installation time. Made up of three strands this style is similar to box braids but a micro version . These tiny braids are a whole vibe ,rock them this year and have fun while at it. This celebrity inspired hairstyle can also last for quite some time with proper care.

Related image

Pinterest- Zoe Kravitz

Dutch Braids

These braids are perfect for any hair type. You can do them with your own hair or braids. They are classic two braids that are usually created by parting outwardly onto the scalp forming two big cornrows. Spice up this hairdo by accessorizing with your favorite beads. If your fave Grown-ish star can rock this budget hairstyle, you should try too!

Image result for dutch braids yara

Elle- Yara Shahidi

Marley Twists

These twist are more coarse and have a general natural look . Made up by twisting two-strands they are small in size. Rock them in either a short or long length in your favorite color. Bey T’s comb of brown and black is a perfect example of a perfect hairdo.

Image result for bey t

Pulser- Bey T




Beauty & Lifestyle

Self-care guide for the modern man



Photo: American spa

When you log in to social media and see the hashtag ‘self-care’ nine times out of ten it has nothing to do with a man. It is highly likely to be accompanied by a picture of a woman in a fancy bathrobe knocking back some Pinot Noir and probably needing a break from some man somewhere. This therefore creates the societal premise that self-care should be a foreign term to a man. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

At heart self-care is taking the initiative to improve, maintain or better your own well-being whether physically, emotionally or mentally in spite of your gender. There is however a stark difference between temporarily distracting yourself and practicing self-care. A lot of times people especially men associate distracting activities such as drinking some beer, watching sports and club hopping with self-care. We therefore look into some basic healthy practices to get you started on your self-care journey

Exercise right

As personalized as self-care can be, there are certain basics that are a constant and exercise is one of them. Exercise raises the levels of endorphins – the happy hormone, in the body. It is also a great way to rid your body and mind of all the tension and pent up stress that might have built up during the day. Contrary to popular belief, exercise for men doesn’t have to mean lifting the heaviest weights or running the longest distance. Striving to do all these things at once makes the activity just another distraction and no better for the mind than playing video games. The trick is to not think of exercise in terms of calories burned. Instead, focus on building mind-body awareness whether you’re doing yoga, tai chi or lifting the heaviest barbell.

Image result for stock image of young black man exercising

Photo courtesy of 123RF

Build great relationships

Fostering great human relationships is and can be a great self-care avenue. Fostering such relationships however doesn’t always have to mean spending all your time these friends. Dedicating at least an hour to your friendships and engaging in passion projects such as tinkering with cars, building some furniture is enough. In the process intimate conversations are had. You therefore ending up tackling soft spots such as relationship troubles, seeking advice from people who’ve gone through similar experiences without it feeling like therapy or a support group. However if baring your soul to other people sounds uncomfortable to you, you don’t have to. Just taking your time and productively enjoying your friends company is self-care enough.

Image result for stock image of a group of young male black friends

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Pamper yourself

Pampering is the most recognized form of self-care. This deeply personalized exercise is a very valid form of self-care although as seen above is not the only form of self-care. Pampering yourself involves going the extra mile to ensure you indulge in the comforts you wouldn’t normally splurge on. This could involve booking that trip you’ve always wanted to take, going to the spa for a massage or to the sauna for a proper sweat out or even going to watch your favorite football team play live. There is nothing off the table when it comes to pampering yourself, as long as it truly relaxes you, it counts.

Self-care is therefore not in the activity but in the intention behind it. Building your emotional, mental and physical well-being ultimately ensures your reservoir of resilience is healthily stocked for the rainy days. Seeing as male suicide rates are on the up, such practices are in the end very crucial in having the emotional bandwidth to cope with the difficult times.

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Must-have heels for every woman’s shoe collection



Photo:Pexels/Kelly Samuel

Heels are adored by most women globally and with good reason. The right pair of heel can boost ones confidence and esteem. Moreover, having a variety will give you more options to work with.  Here are must-have heels for the heel lovers.

Kitten heels

They are extremely comfortable and make a good balance between comfort and style. The heel is very small and this makes it easier for one to wear them the entire day without getting tired.


Image result for kitten heels

Chico Shoes


Stilettos have the highest heel. For this reason, many people avoid wearing or even owning a pair of stiletto heels. Although a number of people struggle walking in them, once you master your strut them you’ll be hooked. They are most ideal for any formal event.

Image result for pump heels on legs


Pump heels

They have a lower heel as compared to stilettos and are low-cut around the front. They can be worn with anything and anywhere.

Chunky heels

Chunky heels have a square base that is wider. They are a favorite for many as one can wear them the entire day and not tire. For this reason, they are a good option for college and office wear or garden events.

Image result for different kinds of heels

Harper’s Bazaar

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As the name suggests have a strap at the back. The beauty of this shoe is it looks classy and effortless at all times. You can also find variations of chunky or kitten heels.

Image result for slingback heels

Loafer heels

Usually, loafer heels don’t have a fastening system are are extremely comfy. They can be worn as both dress shoes and casual shoes and are a good pair in every ladies closet.

Image result for loafer heels

Atelier Dore

Cone shoe

Their heels resemble an ice-cream cone with a very wide top and narrow bottom. They are classy and are a good balance between high and low heels.

Image result for cone heels outfits


Comma heels

It resembles a comma and look like kitten heels. They normally tend to curve inward or outward depending on the design.

Image result for comma heels

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Spool heels

With an illusion of a double heel,this shoe has a wider top and bottom but a narrow middle section. They are good for both evening and formal wear.


Image result for spool heels


Oxford heels

The shoe is definitely a girl-next door shoe with an added vintage look. They can be worn formally and casually and their low heel makes it easy to style them.


Image result for oxford heels



They are very easy to wear as they’re slide-on. These shoes are multi-purpose and are in vogue at the moment.

Image result for mules heels


Platform heels

This shoe is considered comfy courtesy of its base.It has a thicker and wider base making it easier to walk in them.The difference between the top of the heel and the bottom of the sole is very minimal.

Image result for Platform heels on legs

Wedge heels

These are one of the most comfortable high heels as they offer much more support with both the heel and the sole are evenly distributed.

Image result for wedge heels on legs


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Fashion: Lupita Nyongo’s best red carpet looks



Lupita Nyong’o  burst into the Hollywood scene full throttle in 2013 with her breathtaking acting prowess in 12 Years a Slave . This lady is a force to reckon with as she doubles as a style star and author. The Lancôme fashion ambassador always blows people away with her spectacular hairdos and fashion picks.

Scroll down for some of our favorite Lupita Nyong’o red carpet looks:

The Bold Red

Lupita graced the  71st Golden Globes 2014 in a striking red Ralph Lauren dress. She left everyone in awe with this number that landed her on  every best-dressed list. She kept both her hairdo and jewelry very simple letting the dress take star of the day

Image result for red carpet lupita

Marie Claire

Pleated green chiffon

Lupita Nyong’o stunned the 2015 Cannes Film Festival in a jade green silk  Gucci pleated dress. She rocked this gown like a pro and wearing her hair  up was a good idea as we could focus more on her facial features and the dress. Would you believe that in 2017 Queen Bee herself wore the same dress at the Beauty and the Beast Premiere. Who do you think wore it best?

Image result for red carpet lupita


Earthy splendour

Lupita loves pleated outfits and she looks absolutely gorgeous in them,we couldn’t agree less. She wore this Givenchy beautiful long pleated skirt with a wide obi-belt waist at the 2014 NAACP image awards. This look was a good combo and it matched perfectly with her skin color


Image result for red carpet lupita


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Black wonder

The actress looks like a fearless goddess with this shimmering black and gunmetal gown. She wore this Elie Saab number on the red carpet at the 2018 BAFTAs

Image result for red carpet lupita


Jade Inspired gown

We fall in love with Lupita’s style courtesy of this jade-colored gown. She wore this calvin klein collection dress to the 2016 Met Gala accompanied with a gravity-defying hairdo. She kept it simple with Tiffany & Co. jewelry, and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Image result for red carpet lupita


Image result for red carpet lupita


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All hail the Queen

The actress looked like an African Queen with this Rosie Assoulin ensemble. She also had a multicolored headpiece that I think she would have done without but managed to look good nonetheless. This look was at the screening of Queen of Kate in London on 2016.

Image result for red carpet lupita


Princess Lupita

This Prada dress and Fred Leighton jewelry is a favorite of many. She won over so many hearts with this Cinderella baby blue hue that made her look magical. She had this at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, March 2014. In an Instagram post shared last year on October, she  revealed that the blue dress that Sulwe wears in her book was inspired by this 2014 gown. This was her first Academy Awards ceremony and she recalls it as a magical experience. Her goal has always been to give dark skin the power to exist in the world of magic, dreams and imagination and she surely brought her point home.

Image result for red carpet lupita


Chic two-tone look

Image result for red carpet lupita




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